Wednesday, 10 January 2018


  1. Adventures. I started the year off perfectly with a spot of adventuring last weekend. I took a day trip out to the Scottish Borders where we visited St Mary's Loch & Gray Mare's Tail, which was followed by a peruse around the pretty little town of Moffat. Where we might have spent more than a lot in the sweetie shop. I also checked out the lost mining village of Mavis Valley on Sunday, before stuffing my face with friends at Kimchi Cult. Already excited for next weekends adventures! 
  2. Coffee. One of my favourite resolutions this year was to give up my horrendously healthy but awful for your teeth habit of a hot water and lemon first thing every morning. Instead I have been firing up the coffee machine upon awakening and then rustling myself up the frothiest creamiest coffees to go before I leave for work. Those things are becoming a life saver when I step out into the cold frosty air and see how long it's going to take for the car to defrost.
  3. Downtime. As the poster girl for always having something to do, I tend to keep us pretty busy with planned out day trips and meeting up with friends. But around the start of December I decided to try and do a little less and just take some time out for ourselves. It's been lovely to spend the odd day in our pyjamas just playing board games, watching movies and snacking and I've really enjoyed having some time to myself to just chill. I had no idea how indulgent having nothing to do actually was!
  4. Booze. Because there's always a mention of booze somewhere in there isn't there? But I couldn't not mention the amazing Peaky Blinders Gin & Whiskey I was sent recently to try. Being a fan of the show for a while now, I was excited to road test the bottles over Christmas and can confirm that the stuff is good. While the whiskey doesn't quite hit the spot that a really good Scottish single malt does, the gin tastes great. It also looks exceptionally cool in my gin collection. This girl loves a gimmick.
  5. Skincare. Now I'm gracefully descending into my thirties (I say gracefully), I really am on a one woman mission to start taking care of my skin properly. So I've been investing in all the cleansing oils and serums. I've also been experimenting with a bunch of strange looking Korean stuff that came highly recommended to me. As apparently those guys know their skincare. I have no idea either but if you have any good recommendations then feel free to slide into my DM's over on Insta.
  6. Music. You know sometimes you listen to some artists that have been kicking around for ages and just think, where have I been? That's kinda the spiritual Spotify journey I'm on at the minute. I've recently been discovering the unbelievable talents of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Iain Morrison & Gerry Cinnamon. With maybe a bit of Bruce Springsteen thrown in for good measure. Because you can't beat a bit of The Boss.
  7. Forgotten Botanic Gardens Railway Station. I recently managed to sneak into the forgotten railway station situated underneath the Botanic Gardens in Glasgow. Having went prepared to get seriously muddy, it was actually surprisingly easy to get into. And very cool! If abandoned places is your thang then I highly recommend you check it out. 
  8. Busy B. I have been delighting in finally getting to use the new stationery I was gifted after a recent trip through to Edinburgh to attend the Busy B 2018 launch event. Their stuff is so beautiful. Doesn't new stationery make that first day of the year back at work just that little bit easier to handle though? Sometimes I think I couldn't be any girlier if I tried.
  9. Snow. When Ava informed me around the middle of November that wherever she posted her letter to Santa from this year had to have snow, the pressure was on. The only place I could think of that wasn't too much of a drive from the city was Tyndrum. Because a heap of stops at The Green Welly Stop had me nostalgically thinking that whenever we drove through there, there was often snow. So I took a punt and booked us a night at the end of November. And we were in luck. So much so that as I watched it continue to fall, I was starting to worry we might not get home the next morning. But we found a postbox and Ava managed to post her letter from the snowy surroundings she had so wished for. Kinda made my heart melt a little.
  10. The Wee T-Shirt Company. Nothing gives me more pleasure than supporting small start ups and local businesses. Which is why I love The Wee T-Shirt Company so much. Glasgow based, and run by amazing fellow mama Siobhan, these guys do the the cutest little custom made clothes for kiddos. Their Scottish Tees collection is particularly gorgeous so if you are looking for the perfect gift then you should definitely check them out. 


wholelottarosie said...

Wait, hot water and lemon is bad for your teeth?!! As in decaying them? Is it the acid in lemon that's at fault? Apologies for barrage of questions but this is part of my daily routine as well and I want to protect my teggies x

Dawn Young said...

Really bad. Because my teeth look fine I had no idea the damage I was doing. I have literally no decay but apparently I have stripped all the protective enamel off my teeth. I would urge you not to do it. Dentist said that citric acid mixed with hot water is worse than drinking coke all day! xxx

wholelottarosie said...

Wow! Thanks for the head's up on that one. Think I'll stick to plain hot water instead (how exciting! xxx