Sunday, 4 February 2018


This weekend there were no explorations. There was no getting out of the city, no abandoned buildings, no castles and no road trips. This weekend was about soft play dates, 7th birthday parties, Waitrose trips, coffee with pals, drama classes, 5k runs and later on some afternoon gins in Shawlands. 

This weekend there were no adventures.

I'm not going to lie.

It kinda killed me.

Last weekend however, myself & Sarah took ourselves on a little road trip over to Fife. We had lots of plans. And got ourselves a bit muddy. 

But it was fun.

Taking full advantage of the fact we hadn't caught up in a few days, the fact her car has heated seats and the fact there was a Wild Bean Cafe on the way, we jumped into her car mid-morning and made our way to the tiny village of Thornton. Discussing bad dates, school holidays and the perfect way to cook a steak en route. 

Because FYI we're a highbrow couple of gals.

After we had made our way approximately a mile out of town, we parked up, casually scoffed at the DO NOT TRESPASS, FINES OF £1000 signs, and made our way into the dilapidated Fever Hospital to see what we could find.

Here's the history bit...

'Thornton Fever Hospital was opened in 1902 as a fever isolation hospital treating patients with meningitis, diphtheria, scarlet fever, etc. It was stretched to it's capacity in 1903 with the Fifeshire typhoid epidemic. It was subsequently used as a mental health institution for children known as Strathmore Hospital. The building remained empty from 1967 to 1970 before it was opened as a children's home for boys with mental and social disorders known as Corsbie Hall School. After that dates get vague. The former matron's house was used as a hotel in the 70's known as Corsbie Hall Hotel and then in the 80's & 90's an unregistered care home known as Fosterton Firs took over the area.'

Nowadays the entire place lies abandoned. 

And Fever Tree is creepy.

Very, very creepy.

From the falling down rafters, to floors too soft and dangerous to walk on,  there were only parts of the place safe enough to explore. And I'm wreckless and arrogant when it comes to venturing into these kinds of places, so if there were bits that I wasn't prepared to go in, then it really must have been dangerous.

Kids had been in and vandalised, and as with all of these places there was tons of graffiti, but the eeriest bit had to have been the discarded kids clothes, like the above jumpsuit just left hanging on a peg in one of the halls. There were old fashioned children's buggy's lying abandoned on the floor. You could have been forgiven for thinking we had accidentally set foot onto the film set of some macabre horror movie.

We explored as much as we could, Sarah frightened the life out of me by creeping up on me and we took as many snaps as our time would allow. Before we ventured out to find the abandoned train across the road we had heard so much about.

Which as it turned out was no longer there.

As it had been removed the previous month.

Kind of kicking myself on that one given it had been on my list of places to go for over a year.

We did however have plenty of fun exploring some woods, following an old disused railway line and nearly getting attacked by a rabid, unleashed dog. 

So not a total waste of an afternoon. 

Before returning home for a hot bath and some seriously good steak.

And an evening spent on Pinterest, planning my next adventure...

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