Thursday, 8 February 2018


  1. Crema Coffee. We recently paid a visit to the southside's latest brunch and coffee spot on Victoria Road and fell in love with the place. The breakfasts look amazing (see above) and the pancakes are to die for. Their own blend house coffee is pretty tasty as well and I am definitely popping back in soon to purchase a couple of bags for my lazy morning lattes. However the star of the show without question had to be Ava's homemade waffles. They were warm, delicious and perfectly crispy. The portion size was also massive meaning I basically got to eat half of them. If you are a Glasgow southsider then I strongly suggest you check this place out!
  2. The lighter nights. Ok it's definitely not spring yet. And I wouldn't be breaking out the barbeques or anything. But when I walked out of work at 5pm last night it was definitely not completely dark. And while I usually adore this time of year, I am sort of over waiting 20 minutes every morning in the freezing cold for my windscreen to defrost and paying the equivalent of my mortgage per month in gas bills.
  3. Bubble Baths. However I am still taking full advantage of this colder season by bubble bathing almost every single night. I swear there are only so many times you can Instagram Story your painted toenails bobbing about in a bubble bath. Seriously though guys, it's like an addiction. My wee face has never had so many home facials though... So it could be worse.
  4. The Ordinary. Speaking of home facials, I have very much joined the bandwagon on this new skincare range and I have to admit I'm finding it all kinds of awesome. I've been using the Glycolic Acid since before Christmas and have seen a remarked improvement in the overall appearance of my skin and have just purchased the Retinol in the hopes it will make me look eleven. I will keep y'all posted.
  5. Pasta. Namely spaghetti. Which is basically all I have eaten this week. Despite having a freezer crammed full of home made curries, stews and casseroles I could easily defrost. I'm not sure if it's the weather or not but I have been craving the carby stuff for days and eating it Puttanesca style, bolognese and with all the anchovies and goats cheese. I just can't get enough of pasta right now. And I can feel it in my jeans.
  6. Jake Bugg. I'm also getting a bit excited to go see Jake Bugg a week on Monday and have been listening to his music pretty much non-stop in the run up to his gig. I am a huuuuuge Jake Bugg fan, so was pretty gutted to have missed most of his set at T in the Park a few years ago cause I was too busy necking vodka (and possibly smooching a handsome lad who was far too young for me from Aberdeen). But the less said about that the better.
  7. Waitrose. I just bloody love it. I can't help it. It's my total happy place. From sitting in the cafe sipping my free to members cappuccino and tearing recipes out of the Waitrose Weekend supplement to perusing the aisles for pomegranate molasses and cuts of meat I can't afford, it's the one place that makes this foodie very, very happy. So I have found myself making all kinds of excuses recently just to be in the vicinity of one and 'pop in' for the essentials.
  8. Tantrum Doughnuts. And while we are on the subject of making up excuses to buy food, we popped into Tantrum Doughnuts for some treats last Saturday after Ava had a party in the west end. Those doughnuts are god damn delicious. This might be another reason why my jeans feel so tight.
  9. Running. I went for my first run in ages recently after an ankle injury and it felt amazing to get out and smash a 5k. My ankle seemed to hold up pretty well too so I figured it had been a pretty worthwhile expedition. Until I went over on it the following night in my work heels running into ALDI to buy some mushrooms. I think the problem might be me.
  10. This recipe. I made this chicken wrapped in prosciutto with goats cheese and lentils recipe for dinner the other night and it has become a favourite. I used sliced pancetta instead of prosciutto and added some mushrooms cause you know how I like to put my own spin on things. But this recipe is worthwhile even just for the dressing alone. Go make! 
I was invited as a guest of Crema. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.


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