Monday, 26 February 2018


I don't know how you lot fare in the general curiosity stakes, but I'm a nosy bloody cow. So having seen all the 'What I Spent In A Week' blog posts doing the rounds recently, I decided to do one myself. Not just because I find learning what other people eat, drink and get up to on any given week totally fascinating, but also because realistically I need to sit down and take a long hard look at my finances.

Although I will never really be a bags and shoes girl and the only designer clothes that are hanging in my wardrobe were presents, between factoring bills, decorating and my new found love of interiors, I am spending a lot more money on my home than I did when I was renting. Couple that with my ongoing love of eating out and a penchant for doing the weekly shop in Waitrose, and I do seem to be slipping into my overdraft a lot more regularly than I was back when I was renting.

There's also my ridiculous addiction to going on nights away.

So I decided to take a note of everything I spent in a week.

And then to share it with you.

Because I know you are all as nosy as I am.


I nipped to Morrisons in my lunch hour to buy Ava a Valentines Present (from a secret admirer) and to pick up bread and milk - £16.12

I stopped on the way home from work to fill up my car with petrol - £40.05

Total for day - £56.17


I nipped to Boots in my lunch hour to weigh myself (I do this monthly using the scales in the chemist as I refuse to keep bathroom scales in the house!) - 70p

While there I bought a cheap pair of trainer socks - £1.80 

After work I had an event in the west end. I got the train into central where my friend picked me up. Train fare - £2.40

Total for day - £4.90


Ava was off school so we decided to spend the day in Edinburgh. Train fare for a return - £15.60

I grabbed a skinny cappuccino at central - £2.40

Once in Edinburgh we headed to Ava's beloved Wahaca for lunch where Ava got dessert and mummy may have had a glass of wine. Meal including tip - £30.00

When we left the restaurant we gave a homeless man some change - £1.00

We then headed to Chamber Street Museum which was free entry although Ava put a pound in the donation box - £1.00

Ava was allowed to buy a small thing from the gift shop. Dinosaur egg slime thing - £3.00

We stopped at a shop and bought a diet coke - £1.37

Total for day - £54.37


After picking Ava up from school we popped into Morrison's in Giffnock to buy a couple of things for dinner before heading to her swimming lesson - £5.92

Ava always gets a Happy Meal after swimming so we stopped at McDonalds on the way home. I also got a coffee - £3.48

Once in McDonalds we realised that we needed a birthday present for Ava's friend so we nipped to Home Bargains where we picked up a toy and some cleaning products for the flat - £20.98

Total for day - £30.38


Incredibly I spent absolutely nothing this day. Which to be perfectly honest is usually unheard of. I don't take a lunch break on a Friday as I leave early to pick up Ava from school. Once I left the office I headed straight to collect her and her pal who was coming over to play. Thanks to a batch cooking exercise the week before I had tons of food in the freezer I was able to defrost for dinner and thanks to the fact I keep a fully stocked wine rack, I had a nice bottle already in the flat to treat myself to that evening. 

Total for the day - £0


We normally get out and about on a Saturday but as Ava had a birthday party at 2.30pm, we were sort of stuck in the city. In fact the only money I spent was when I did the weekly shop in Sainsburys while Ava was at said party - £61

Total for the day - £61


I spent 30p upgrading my free Waitrose coffee so I could sit in the cafe and enjoy it while Ava was at her drama class - 30p

Met a friend for coffee in Market and after the usual 30 second mini argument over who would pay, Kirsty won so I scored free coffee.

Met a different friend for coffee in town (which I bought this time) - £4.70

Went on a date where we drank in rounds (I'm a modern kinda gal and don't expect blokes to pay for my every drink). Not entirely sure how much I spent as I didn't get receipts and wasn't really paying attention but I think I spent around - £20

Total for day - £25.00

Grand total for week: £231.82

To be honest, this was a really well behaved week. We usually eat out twice a week and we only did so once. I also managed to go an entire week without ordering any expensive skin creams (my latest addiction) or buying any clothes for myself or Ava.

I'm not really sure if that was because sub-consciously I knew I was tracking everything so was being more frugal or if it just so happened that it was a quieter week spend wise. Ava and I would usually do things that cost more on a Saturday and there's usually a school trip, new pair of shoes or costume required for something or other so I would have to be honest and admit that this probably under my usual average spend for a week.

Keeping a diary of my spend was a bit time consuming but it was definitely interesting. 

I'm considering doing a food diary next...

So stay tuned!


Laura Budd said...

This was such an interesting post to read, I dread to think what I spend in a week without really thinking about it!

Dawn Young said...

I often keep a weekly food diary and track my alcohol units on my phone too! It's a good way to keep on track. Although I am a bit of a control freak... ;)