Monday, 26 July 2010

And on the 6th day........there was Vodka.

5 days.

I lasted 5 days on my 10 day detox.

But what eventually broke me, you might be wondering? What one thing could I not abstain from for a measly 10 days? Was it the smell of bacon? The lure of chocolate to deal with the cold turkey sugar cravings? Or maybe the fact that lightheadedness was starting to make me think that there might be something in these carbs after all?

Nope. It was none of the above. And yep. You guessed it. It was alcohol.

See I have a problem. You getting deja vu here? Stick with me. Having mentioned my penchant for a glass of wine in the past, I should also mention that, to me, a weekend is just not a weekend without a few tipples. Just like a salad is just not a salad without a side of chips. So when I do have a nice clean-living weekend, and this is rare I assure you, my smug and hangover-free attitude kind of wanes when it gets to the Sunday afternoon and I realise that because I have been so well-behaved all weekend, I am actually desperate to go out and get pissed......

And that my friends, is the problem with starting a detox on a Thursday. To begin with my resolve was strong. My will like iron. I resisted invitations to drink wine and consume large quantities of salty snacks after work on Friday night. I smugly tucked into my steamed fish & veg on Saturday while my (thoughtful and considerate) housemate tucked into a Pizza Hut. I even enjoyed my Sunday shift in the bar (anyone who drinks where I work will know that I am ALWAYS hungover on a Sunday). And then what happened? The inevitable. I got to the Monday and I was desperate for a drink and a giggle. And drink and giggle I did. As a friend pointed out that evening, "Mondays are the best night to drink. You can go out and be as loud, annoying and offensive as you like, and theres nobody really out to get insulted." Well, I thought, the guy has a point. It would be rude not to........

My (short-lived) detox wasn't a totally wasted venture. In the 5 days I did manage to lose a few pounds and definitely felt a bit more svelt. So it just goes to show what you can achieve with a few days off the booze, carbs and sugar!

I've been pretty quiet on the blog front. Its not because I have been too embarrassed to admit my defeat. Its not because I have been hiding away trying to work out how to admit to you all that I only lasted 5 days. Its because I have spent the past 7 days drinking Sauvignon Blanc and eating pasta.


I'll take you back to my post dated Thursday 15th July and I quote:

"I'm weak. I'm pathetic. I have no willpower.........."

But you wouldn't have me any other way.


P said...

I think me and you are the same person, I really do!!!

Congrats on lasting five days!

Dawn Young said...

Hahaha I think so too x