Sunday, 5 February 2012

#chunkychallenge Part II

As you all know, #chunkychallenge was supposed to take place today. Unfortunately however, events have had to be postponed.

I've been up all night with a poorly baby and probably got about 3 hours sleep in total last night (if I'm lucky). Since getting up at 7am my baby girl has been screaming non-stop. And if this wasn't reason enough for cancelling the chunky challenge, my boyfriend has been called into his hotel to work a 15 hour shift at the last minute, meaning there is no one to film said event.

But to be honest, the last thing I want to do is eat 6 chocolate bars in a row whilst being filmed for your viewing pleasure.

Instead, I am planning on spending the day in a hoodie and PJ bottoms, trying desperately to get my little penguin to nap so that she not only feels better, but I can get something resembling sleep as well. And I'll probably spend a decent part of it sobbing into a babygrow and looking up nurseries.

I really am not up to it today. I am sorry for letting you all down. Anyone with a small child can hopefully appreciate how I am feeling. And anyone without one, will have to drag up some sympathy because its just not happening.

But stay tuned. There is always next Sunday. And I have pretty much accepted that I am going to have to do it at some point.

I'll leave you with the text I received from my boyfriend this morning which pretty much sums it up:


Gia said...

Aww feel better lady!

Holly said...

Oh no! I hope you and your daughter feel better! :)