Friday, 20 April 2012

Dear Sleep

Dear sleep,

I miss you.

There I said it.

And I took you for granted.

I'm sorry.

We've had our ups and downs over the years. Sometimes you've been a constant in my life. Other times you've deserted me when I needed you the most. Sometimes it's been my fault. The drinking and the late nights. They didn't help matters, I hold my hands up.

Other times I don't know what I did wrong. Days would go by where you were absent. I'd lay awake till 5am desperately hoping you would come. But you did not.

Despite our ups and downs I've always loved you. And I miss the memories.

I miss the sneaky naps on the sofa when my hangover rendered me useless and I was unable to get up and actually do anything practical. And I miss the lazy lie-ins on a Saturday morning. Or the 8 hours of uninterrupted snoozing that brought me so much pleasure.

This baby has come between us.

I see that now.

But I still love you.

Will you come back?

I promise to never take you for granted again.

Yours faithfully,

Dawn xxx


Holly said...

I love sleep too. Sleep is awesome. I should probably be in bed right now, and yet I am blogging intead. FAIL.

P said...

I never take my sleep for granted as I'm half insomniac anyway. anytime I CAN actually sleep is a bonus. I hate to think how I would cope with a baby!

Dawn Young said...

Oops....... :) x

Dawn Young said...

You'd be perfect with a baby because you'd be used to not getting any sleep! X