Sunday, 10 June 2012

Life in Snapshots #5

We're trying to get Ava to take a bottle so Mummy & Daddy can have a night away......
It's not going well.

We hopped on the ferry and spent a few days in Arran.

It was a perfect weekend.

Although someone got a bit grumpy at lunch.

I had a business meeting in an old police station. These are the cells. It was very cool.

I spent an entire day in the kitchen and filled the freezer with curry, chilli & lamb tagine.

And I even found the time to make a carrot cake.

We're a pretty tired household at the minute what with someone's little midnight wake-up calls.

Boyfriends working alot meaning lots of lonely meals for one.

And Ava's found her new favourite place to sit.


daisychain said...

Ava is so gorgeous! xo

Dawn Young said...

Aww thank you xxx