Sunday, 21 October 2012

So you're one.

A year ago I wrote this post and in it I said: 

"Whilst I sit here watching you sleep, I can't help but let my mind wander to the future. To when you are older. Wondering what it'll be like when you celebrate your first birthday. When we blow the candles out on your cake. How much different will you look in a years time? Will you be stubborn or laidback? Gregarious or shy?"

Well baby girl, you are all of those things and so much more. You look so different in some ways and so like the day you were born in others. When you wrinkle your nose & scrunch up your eyes I see me. When you concentrate hard and don't know I'm watching I see your Dad. Some see my Mum (which she adores) whilst there's no doubt that you got your great-granddad's chin.

You're not stubborn. But you're cheeky. When I say no you'll go back and back again. Try and try again. But you know the limits. You know when you really need to stop rummaging in that waste paper basket. Or when you have to stop pulling all the hundreds of DVD's out of the cupboard and laying them all in a heap on the floor. And thank goodness you do. Because I can never really give you a row anyway and always crease up laughing when you look up at me with that quizzical yet cute expression.

You're such a social little thing. A 'people person' my Mum likes to call you. You have a cuddle and a kiss for anyone who wants it. You love my girlfriends and you're in your element when you are in big groups of people. In fact you like nothing more than long girly lunches. Sitting in your highchair at the head of the table, being sneaked chips and adoring gazes in equal quantities. In fact, at your birthday party, I barely saw you - you were so busy working the room.

And then you can be scared. Timid and unsure. You don't like dogs much but I am sure that will change once you are big enough to chase them. And although you love your bathtime, big wide open spaces of water leave you so fearful that you cling to me like a little Koala bear. I love that feeling of you clinging onto me. Of depending on me so much to look after you and protect you. Because you know that's what I'm here to do. And that I'll do it to the death.

You're a little person now. You have little tantrums. Little hyper spells (usually after too much cake). You know who you are. Who Mummy & Daddy and Aunties and Grandmas are. You have opinions. You care about stuff (mainly Peppa Pig and chocolate croissants). 

You still hate sleep. But we're working on that.

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl.

I love you to the ends of the earth and back again.

Now if you could just stop stealing my iPhone that would be wonderful.


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This is so lovely Dawn - Ava really is a special little person :-) xx