Monday, 29 October 2012

There is no love sincerer than the love of food

As I've decided to give the blog more of a food slant, I've decided to do a quick blog post on some of my favourite foods. Mainly because I have been meaning to do a post like this for ages and well, I just bloody love talking about food.


I once spent a New Years Eve alone with only a bottle of champagne and this for company.

Seafood. I absolutely love the stuff. Not only is it healthy but it tastes delicious and one of my favourite things to do (on special occasions) is to share a seafood platter and a really good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with my boyfriend. The Witchery and The Loch Fyne Oyster Bar both come highly recommended. In fact I ate so much seafood whilst pregnant that Ava must have developed a liking for it in the womb because she can't get enough of the stuff now!


Disco Fries (chips smothered in melted cheese & gravy).

I just love chips. Which is weird as until my mid-teens I really didn't think that much of them. Now I am on a quest to find the perfect chip and there is rarely a quiet drink, meal out or trip to a cafe where I don't order a bowl. Currently I am loving the massive twice friend delights at Church on the Hill but my all time favourite have to be from (once again) The Oyster Bar. During my time in LA I was also lucky enough to have been introduced to the delights of Disco Fries. Thanks for that Kitchen 24.


Soft Shell Crab Roll & Tuna Tataki Nigiri from Oko.

I absolutely love it when you find something that not only tastes amazing but is incredibly good for you. Sushi is both of these things and I've loved the stuff since I was a teenager and went to the (no longer there)  Yo Sushi on Edinburgh's Rose Street. I now eat it as often as I can. I'm not a huge fan of the supermarket stuff but if you have to go that way then I reckon Waitrose is the nicest. Although I still enjoy the food I find Yo Sushi way over-priced. However, in Glasgow both Oko and Ichiban do good sushi. Bar Soba's sushi disappointed as did the fact that they don't have any highchairs. However alot of their other Asian inspired dishes are pretty yummy. Apparently Nanakusa is ace although the one time I tried it I left feeling a bit underwhelmed. However so many people talk about loving it that I feel another visit might be necessary.


We have a cheeseboard every couple of weeks without fail.

A good cheeseboard is something I really enjoy. In fact, I rarely actually eat the crackers, preferring to savour each sliver of cheese on its own by letting is slowly melt in my mouth so I can really taste it's gooey creaminess to it's full extent. Sorry, getting a bit Nigella there. I like all cheeses but the best ones for me are the really strong ones. The kind that remove the skin from the top layer of your mouth. My current favourites are the Arran Blue and the Pecorino with truffle from George Mewes.


Fry-up with a potato rosti. Breakfast for dinner.

This is a bit of a weird one. Because I didn't actually like fry-ups until I got pregnant and on the (very rare) occasion that I did eat one before that, they left me feeling sick to the stomach. To begin with my pregnancy cravings were limited to fruit and I ate it in the bucket load for the first few weeks. Then I inexplicably craved fry-ups at all times of the day and ate them as often as I could. I still really enjoy them now but have to eat them in alot more moderation than before.


Indian afternoon tea at Masala Twist.

Although I love pretty much all take-aways (and I really do love ALL the take-aways) my absolute favourite thing without a shadow of a doubt is Indian food. Luckily I have a pretty high chilli tolerance level as well meaning I can afford to be pretty adventurous. My love of all things Indian started at an early age I am told and my Mum has informed me that at the tender age of three I liked nothing more than finishing off my parents Indian take-away the next morning. I can't really pick a favourite curry although I tend to shy away from the creamier ones like Kormas. My boyfriend also does an amazing curry, which I think he adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe, and it's something I pester him to cook constantly.


Celebrating my Mum & Ava's joint birthday in September.

I think my absolute favourite indulgence of all has to be wine. I adore the stuff and feel constantly guilty that I drink too much of it. I'm obsessed with a good South African Chenin Blanc and Still Bay is definitely my favourite. I also love a good red like the Finca Constancia and a birthday or Christmas is just not a birthday or Christmas without a good bottle of Champagne or Prosecco. I probably have a glass of wine most nights and although I should probably replace it with a nice Gin & Tonic (which I also love and is only 50 calories), I just can't give up my wine. Particularly now I spend my days chasing after a toddler!

As most of you have probably guessed, I have barely touched the surface on all the many foods I love. I have a weakness for salted popcorn to the point that once I pop, I literally cannot stop and if I was only allowed one last dinner on this earth I know for a fact that pizza would have to be factored in somewhere. Tuna, baked beans and pineapple all the way. I know it sounds disgusting, but trust me, it's a taste sensation...........

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Smidge said...

You have pretty much the same taste as me, i'd eat sushi and curry every day if I could and I am glad to see someone else apart from me eats a full breakfast for tea :)