Monday, 5 November 2012

Life in Snapshots #8

After relentless pressure from my dentist, I have finally replaced my morning hot water & lemon with hot water & ginger. I really need to get a teapot though.....

I'm still spending all of our money in Whole Foods

We've been working our way through some duty free Gin

Healthy dinner of oven-roasted Cornish sardines, veg, quinoa and avocado salad

We booked a couple of nights away

Ava has decided that 5am is her new time to get up. 
Every. Single. Morning.

I'm still addicted to anything that's covered in salt.

Ava has been having fun exploring Daddy's work

We've been working our stripes

I think she's definitely going to be a blogger

I got spoiled on my birthday

Got taken out for dinner....

....and received a lovely sentimental birthday card from my little sister

We've also been suffering from colds

We attended the SLTN Awards

Celebrated our anniversary

With more food. Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Aw looks like you've been busy! Love the photo of you guys all dressed up for the awards =) x

daisychain said...

I would be beyond skint if I lived near a wholefoods!

Dawn Young said...

Thank you! It was a great night :) x

Dawn Young said...

Ha I am! x