Thursday, 6 December 2012

Life in Snapshots #9 (Girls Day Out)

On Saturday a few of us attended the Girls Day Out at the SECC in Glasgow

Thanks to some complimentary tickets from Colette

Although we spent A LOT of the time in the bar

I still found time for some face mapping

Some pretty minor celeb spotting (Calum Best & Lauren Goodger). Oh and some half naked Santa dancers

We also did some posing in a giant shoe

And a couple of the girls even scored some goodie bags (of which they donated an awesome nail polish and some false eyelashes to me!)

I had a great day!

Thanks girls!



P said...

i can't believe how much I drank!!!

See you tomorrow hon.x

Anonymous said...

These girls are surely having some good time and I am really excited to see them like this. I was wondering that if somehow I was able to be there and have some fun with them.

Anonymous said...

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