Monday, 7 January 2013

Some Things That I Love #1

I was reading But Why Mummy Why's blog the other day when I stumbled across her 'Some Things I Love' post. Given what a nosy bitch I am, these are the kind of posts I love to read so I decided to do one of my own.......

Something I Read

Ok don't go mental and rapidly hit the unfollow button - but I am currently reading Piers Morgan's 2nd book 'Don't You Know Who I Am?'. There's a variety of reasons for this. It's basically Heat magazine in hardback and given that since I had Ava salacious celebrity gossip is about all my baby addled brain can handle, it suits me perfectly. Also given that it also takes me about 6 months to read a book, this is perfect for dipping in and out of.  Also (and I know you probably are going to judge) - I seem to be one of the only people on the planet who actually doesn't mind him. I think he's a good interviewer and believe it or not, quite self-deprecating. However I'm aware that pretty much most of the nation would disagree so I won't hang around on this subject too long.....

Giving Piers some Twitter love (and watching my follower count drop rapidly)

Something I Watched

I'm on the second season of Homeland and bloody hell - it's good isn't it? Even better than the 1st season. I'm confused as to how the hell they are going to cover up Carrie's (Claire Danes) ever expanding bump later on though - given you can tell she is up the duff from the 1st episode. But I'm not even that bothered about that - given that it is just so BRILLIANT.

Something I Wore

Now that I'm a fully fledged grown-up with a sprog and all that, I'm all about the lipsticks these days. And knowing all about my obsession, both my sister and my boyfriend got me new ones for Chrimbo. S got me a gorgeous one from Topshop called 'All About Me'. He says he only got it cause of the name but luckily for his balls it's a fab colour and suits my skin tone perfectly. My little sis got me a nice Bobbi Brown lipstick. I've not tried this make of lippy before but I'm impressed. Really pigmented and a nice creamy consistency that isn't too drying.

Something That I Listened To

Given that NO ONE listened to my constant Lana Del Rey hints over Christmas, I have just been listening to a couple of old King of Leon albums in the car. I also stuck on an old Keane album the other day and wondered what the hell was wrong with me for even buying it. Under The Iron Sea is one of the most blah albums I've ever heard. I've also been listening to a lot of screaming tantrums. I thought that the terrible two's wasn't actually supposed to start till Ava turned 2? Or is it like the January sales starting early? Either way she's certainly developing (ahem) 'personality'.....

Something I cannot Live Without

Wine. I didn't even hesitate to answer this one. 8pm (bedtime) is wine time. Although I am relatively good with it and only really have a glass a night (unless we are entertaining) there's absolutely no way I'm giving that bad boy up. As much as I love my little penguin, she is getting to be hard work (but worth it) and if it wasn't for my nightly glass of wine to help me unwind I would probably be hiding in the Netherlands right now looking into getting a new identity.

So what are your Some Things That I Love? 

N.B. I went for a walk yesterday. An actual walk. Outside and everything (not round the local shopping centre). I am going to do a blog post on it shortly. I admit it won't be the most scintillating blog post you've ever read but I am determined to stick to this January Joy shizz. Bet you are on the edge of your seats aren't you?


Unknown said...

I love this post (I'm so nosey) and think I might nab it off you and do one of my own!!

Oh and kudos to sticking to your January Joy thing, I try so hard to do monthly things but seem to forget about them quite quickly and never finish them! xx

Dawn Young said...

Definitely do! I would love to read yours xxx