Friday, 1 March 2013

Some Things That I Love #2

I'm still struggling to blog. Life is not only a bit hectic right now but it's also a bit stressful. And when the going gets a little tough I tend to clam up a bit. It's not that I only write about nice things. I don't. But I find it difficult to share. Over-sharers make me a little uneasy. And I tend to prefer reflecting back on situations rather than gut spilling.

So in the meantime I am just going to overkill all the menial stuff. I like to call them blog fillers. So if you can manage to put up with a barrage of Food and Life In Snapshots posts for the next wee while, then I promise I will write something interesting soon....

Something I Read

I am STILL on that Piers Morgan book. Mainly because I genuinely only manage about 10 pages of a book a week (thanks Ava). My to read pile is also growing by the second. Sometimes I stare at it like it's Mount Everest. I heard a whisper the other day that after 18 months the whole kid thing gets a lot easier. Pray for me cause right now she could give Mariah Carey a run for her money. 

Something I Watched

I'm still hopelessly addicted to soaps. Particularly Emmerdale. Glam, huh? This of course has nothing to do with the fact that the opening credits are the (generally accepted) signal in this house that it is time to open the wine. I've been meaning to get round to watching Friends with Kids. But like books, I find actually watching an entire movie is a lot of work these days.

Something I Wore

I'm working more office chic these days. Some people hate dressing for work. I love it because I love any kind of uniform that means I don't actually have to THINK when I get dressed in the morning. Well not any kind of uniform, but you know what I mean. Next is my go to for work wear but I am looking forward to when the weather gets a little milder and I can dig out my pinafores and pencil skirts. And I'm still wearing my owl jumper to death. Even though I got it ages ago.

Something I Listened To

I finally got round to listening to Lana Del Rey and she's a bit bloody brilliant isn't she? In fact I think I am developing a rather uncool girl crush.  This unfashionable lateness on the music front has always been a habit of mine. I hate the whole 'buzz' thing that surrounds new albums and tend to wait a good 6 months or so until the fuss has died down before I buy and listen to them. It means you usually pay less for the album and I can decide if I really like it or not. Sounds a bit wanky I know.

Something I Cannot Live Without

Baths. I never went for many baths before I got preggo but now there is nothing better than a long hot soak after Ava has gone to bed. Wine, candles and a good book or (more likely) Heat magazine. I always plan to give myself a little beauty MOT using all my lovely Clarins products that I stopped using every day when I realised  how much nappies cost (thanks again Ava). It never happens though. I'm usually too knackered and just prefer to lie there reading about Victoria Beckham's calorie intake and inhaling Cabernet Sauvignon.

So another lazy blogpost from me. And now I must run. As there is a penguin (yes she is dressed like an actual penguin) sitting on my knee trying to copy my typing - thus making this blogpost take twice as long as it should.

Remind me again  how anyone with a 17 month old gets anything done?

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