Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Life In Snapshots #12 (The Mum Edition)

Having a Mum who lives overseas is pretty hard. Especially when you have a little one. Apart from the obvious lack of free childcare, you worry that they miss those little key moments that you take for granted. Ava's current highlights are saying her own name and brushing her own hair. Silly little things to some. But to a parent or grandparent they are the most special little moments in the world.

There are some plus points though. Abandonment guilt can never be a bad thing when it results in lots of presents from duty free. Those days unfortunately are over though as since A came along all the presents seem to go on her. 

Damn that child. 

Another good thing is that two or three times a year when I do see my Mum, it's one big holiday full of wine drinking, eating out and just general jollyment. So I bring you an edition of Life In Snapshots that is dedicated to the two lovely weeks we just spent with my Mum back in sunny (rainy) Scotland.

My heart always breaks a little when I say goodbye to Mum. But my heart broke a little bit more than usual in that airport last Wednesday as we waved goodbye. Seeing the little bond they both built up over the two weeks she stayed with us was pretty special. And we can't wait to see her again in September. 

We love you Yaya.

For Mum, a trip home always includes a Nandos/Wish she did my food shopping all the time.../Mum doesn't get allowed home unless she's done us one of her legendary roasts

Fun family lunch in The Bath St Pony/A found the perfect cubby hole to play in/Partaking in some cocktail drinking

Finally checked out the new Forever 21 store/Presents from the mothership/Ava finally mastering the straw

Drinking cocktails from teacups/Afternoon Tea at Mamma Sans/Epic dinner while watching back to back vintage Life on Mars

Her stay cost me 4lbs in weight. But it was worth it/An uninterrupted bath. A rarity in this little household/Trying to work out just how he did that.....

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