Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hot town, summer in the city

It seems summer has hit this little island of ours at full pelt this week and all around us people are stripping down in the park, having BBQ's in the garden and drinking Pimms in the sun. I like it. The sun makes me happy.

Why is that? Driving along in the car with the sun blazing and your favourite tunes blasting is a bigger high than any drug could ever be.

Just keep it coming sun cause I want to enjoy all these things for a little while longer:

ice-cream/maxi dresses & playsuits/letting my hair dry naturally in the sun/driving with my music up LOUD (and ignoring the disapproving looks from the oldies)/yummy salads and freezing cold white wine/watching my baby girl playing with her bucket and spade on the beach (be still my beating heart)/BIG sunglasses (I want to be Joan Collins)/Ava's obsession with HER sunglasses (cuuuute)/tan lines and freckles/beer gardens/gladiator sandals (they will never be over for me)/daring to feel the ice cold water on my feet and then running away squealing at the fright/festivals/beautiful sunsets/long cool showers at the end of  longer hot days/orange lipstick with matching nails/BBQ's/iced vanilla lattes/the occasional 6 pack (a rare thing in Glasgow town)/cucumber in water (ok Gin)/paddling/sleeping in next to nothing (rawr)/huge fruit salads/cut off denim shorts/that little face & those big blue eyes squinting at me in the sun

That's not to say I don't miss winter and:

Leisurely long bubble baths/leaving work when it's dark and looking forward to getting all cosy in your PJ's as soon as you get home/first frost (so pretty)/A playing in the snow/slow cooked comfort food/big glasses of red wine in front of the fire/big glasses of red wine in front of the pub fire/long lies on dark morning as the snow falls outside/baggy jumpers so soft it's like they envelope you from the inside/hot water bottles and drinking Horlicks in bed/Christmas (sorry I went there)/Christmas nights out (still there)/toffee apples, fireworks and sparklers/dark berry coloured lipsticks/marathon DVD nights in (cause it's just too damn cold to go out there)/snow days/having that extra slice of cake cause it'll be aaaages till bikini weather/chunky warming soups/matching hats, scarves and gloves/making snow angels with A/warm cider & mulled wine/wrapping up for the farmers market on a cold crisp winter morning

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P said...

Summer over winter ANY DAY. Especially after the weekend we've just had. :-) x