Monday, 17 June 2013

Life In Snapshots #13

This kid. She just keeps doing silly stuff. And I keep having a camera in my hand. Who am I kidding? I always have a camera in my hand

And this girl, who convinced herself she couldn't nap, even through the newborn stage, is finally learning how to do some daytime sleeping. A necessity now I'm doing this parenting shizz alone (for the most part)

Having a hair crisis. Keep it long or cut it short (long). Stay brunette or go back to blonde (brunette). Gosh isn't life so HARD......

This morning my 21 month old managed to look more busy and important in a second than I have my whole life

I had a bad experience at Jamie Oliver's. I still can't get those amazing olives and tapanede out my mind though

Food for thought

The only stuff that gets this girl through a hangover these days

And I am digging those days when Ava's at nursery and I'm not at work (Still love you A...)

I am loving filling this little flat with fresh flowers. That smell. That mess when tiny hands pull them over

Screw your all night clubbing. This is where Saturdays are at these days

We're working on a new 'sleep in your own bed' routine. But for one or two nights a week I give in. Waking up with my nose buried in that gorgeous girls hair is just too damn hard to resist

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daisychain said...

Ava is so damn cute! x