Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Festivals & My New Found Freedom

Breaking up when you have a kid is odd. You suddenly go from getting a night out once a month to having all this free time on your hands. The baby is spending time with her Dad and you find yourself twiddling your thumbs and wondering what to do with yourself. Suddenly you have your social life back. And nights with the girls are an absolute necessity to keep you from missing your little one.

This is the situation I sort of find myself in now. I'm able to put my heels on and get dolled up and go out on a Saturday night. I can nip out for a midweek dinner at some new place in the West End or go for a cheeky week night beer with a friend. It's weird. Obviously I miss her like crazy but it's kinda good too. 

Ya know?

This occurred to me the other night while I was watching the T in the Park highlights accompanied by a bottle of Tempranillo and a bag of tortilla chips (I know - SO unlike me). I watched those highlights with my usual pangs of jealousy about what I was missing out on. But it was different this year. Last year, I watched em with my boyfriend. Cuddled up on the sofa after a nice dinner with the baby snoozing happily in her cot. I didn't feel jealous. I felt safe. Happy and settled. I was a grown-up now. I'd had my time.  I'd done the mud and the dodgy burgers and the disgusting porta-loos. No, I was quite happy watching everyone else get muntered from the cosiness of my own living-room.

But this year as I watched The Killers and sung along to Jake Bugg, I thought no. NO DAWN. You are not over the hill yet. You're not even 30 yet. SHEESH. And I made a decision that I was gonna do em all next year. Well maybe not em all but definitely Rockness and T. The old credit card is gonna get a fair bit of flexing when those booking lines open but I care not. I'm starting to really get to grips with this whole 'you only live once' propaganda. 

So when New Look sent me this link they had created to a sort of interactive infographic taking you through festival styles from 1969 to today it got me excited about what I am gonna wear. I know, I know it's aaaages away but I don't get out much. Or maybe I do now? 

I used to DIG festival outfits. Half the fun was deciding what I was gonna wear. Little boho dresses. Bare tanned legs if the weather permitted. Wavy just got out of bed hair complimented with flowery hippy style headbands. I was a slave to all the festival fashion. I even had these amazing wellie boots with hash leaves on them. I personally can't be doing with the stuff but they were a delight just to see how many stoners stopped me EVERYWHERE I went just to tell me I HAD THE BEST WELLIES AT T HANDS DOWN.

Those wellies are still kicking around the boot of my car somewhere. I know this because I remember the look on my ex-mother-in-laws face when I went to get the buggy out the car. OOPS.

So I have already started pouring over all the festival stuff  this year for inspo on my festival fashion for next.

THIS dress. With gladiator sandals. 
Because it will be sandal type weather this time next year. 
Oh yes it will. 
Pray with me. 
Let's say it again.

This amazing top.
Paired with a flower in my hair and ......

...these cute little shorts.
I'm a bit in love with lace. 
Don't you think it's completely timeless when it's worn right?

And ohmygod this top.
Because I will totally have the midriff to pull this off next year.
A girl can dream, can't she?

Cause I just love me a bit of boho chic. 
Blame Sienna


And my daughter would simply not allow a fashion post without putting shoes somewhere in the mix.
I want snowstorms this winter. 
I want a reason for these wellies to be in my life

All the above can be found on the New Look website and most are at sale prices.

Post in association with New Look.


Unknown said...

I can totally picture you in all of those things!! xx

Leanne Cornelius said...

Live the dream lovely :) I'm going to my first festival this weekend and am a little anxious what with the torrential rain outside!
I too got super excited by the festival fashion, my husband thinks I'm odd. x

GlassesShop said...

Wow..loving everything!