Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Week That Just Wasn't

When I got back from Cyprus I had everything planned out in my head. Ava and I were going to get into a nice little routine in our new pad. I could see myself calm and collected, walking (not driving) the short distance to her nursery. We would sit together in the morning drinking our apple juice and coffee respectively, giggling at the morning cartoons while eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast and planning what fun things (to do with nature of course) that we were going to do with our day off. I even wrote myself some new rules to make me feel a bit healthier. Less wine - 2 weeks of drinking every day in Cyprus is fun at the time but not so much for the liver. More sleep - for both of us. Keep meditating - it really does get my head together. Healthier diet - I'm half a stone heavier than I was in July and it is annoying the hell out of me. And finally try and stay off my iPhone - the thing is permanently attached to me and my loved ones at at their wits end.

The last week and a half has been the most ridiculously stressful and annoyingly unlucky week ever.

Like, ever.

It started with the insomnia that struck me as soon as I got home. Every single night I went to bed around half ten (necessary with a 2 year old) and every single night I was still lying awake staring at the ceiling come 2. I blamed lots of things. Hunger pangs keeping me awake, the paint fumes from decorating the flat giving me a sore head, the time difference from being on holiday. Or even worse, that fact that I hadn't consumed my body weight in Pinot Grigio that night and my body had forgotten how to fall asleep naturally. The truth was I was just a bit worried. Nothing I could put my finger on. I wasn't tossing and turning with nervous anxiety or anything. But at the back of my mind I knew deep down that I was worried about change. On the one night my body actually gave in and I fell asleep before 11pm my thoughtful daughter decided to get up at midnight and didn't go back to sleep till 4.30am. There was bed bouncing, juice and toast at 2.30 and then eventually Peppa and biscuits in bed while I tried to grab a tiny bit of sleep. Which was unsuccessful thanks to the tiny tot who took great pleasure in telling me exactly how each episode of Peppa ended. Work the next day was great fun.

The insomnia was only the start of my week from hell. I managed to drop my iPhone in the bath. First world problems, I know. Luckily the poor little thing is pretty resilient and is working fine now. A fact that brings my Mum great pleasure given that I have just purchased the 5s and she is inheriting the soggy one. 

The flat is very nearly done. I have almost finished decorating and the list of things I still need to get is relatively small. But important. Because when I got home I had some cash put aside to buy a decent sized telly and a laptop. At the moment we are using a teeny tiny telly that just doesn't cut it. I'm aware how lucky we are and that some people don't even have the luxury of a TV full stop. But I need a bigger telly! And poor little Ava is so used to a more respectable 32 inches that she currently has to stand directly next to said TV (with about 3 inches between her and the screen) in order to understand exactly what Mr Tumble is trying to tell her. That cannot be good for those 2 year old eyes. On top of that I have been unable to blog because I still need a laptop. I had to prioritise the big stuff first. Like a toddler bed, coffee table, full wine rack, etc and so all my dollah went on things like that. However, I spent many a night pouring over the laptops on the John Lewis website imagining the MacBook I would buy if money were no object.

But alas no. I came home to a heap of bills. A final amount for the council tax still outstanding on my old address, road tax, overpaid national insurance and a car that had broken down and was gonna cost £300 to fix. So yeah, we were back to watching Downton Abbey on 16 inches and trying to write badly constructed blog posts on my iPhone. Fun.

I decided to do that Paleo diet when I got home because I had heard so many good things about it and the idea of eating in a manner that is apparently so good for one's physical and mental well being appealed to me greatly. I found it horrific (but more to come on that later). I found myself hungry constantly and the fact that I was completely cutting out all the main carbs (except sweet potatoes) meant that I got ridiculously drunk one night despite matching my friend drink for drink and that I had the most horrendous hangover the next day which saw me spend the better part of the morning with my head down the toilet. 

In the words of a fellow Twitter user: "I need my potatoes".

The car fiasco was only the beginning of my issues with keys (I have 'key' issues now dontchaknow). My car key snapped in the ignition and I didn't have a spare. And yes they ended up having to smash up the entire ignition then replace it just to get it out. But the lock on the front door of my flat has been teasing me a lot recently that it was eventually going to lock me out. And that it did. Despite having 3 keys cut now, it's pretty much a game of Russian roulette every time I try to get back in as to whether or not it will open. And last Saturday it just went nah. It took my lovely friends (who stayed with me till it was sorted) about an hour of literally just wiggling the thing in the lock until it finally relented and let me in. Another fun day. (FYI for all you potential burglars out there it is fixed now, although you can have a 16 inch TV if you really want it?).

This was the kind of week that saw me wearing my hair back every single day. One day I even realised I was wearing odd socks (I am too OCD to EVER usually allow that to happen). There were happy meals for dinner and on one occasion I was running around a Tesco Metro in my heels and work clothes at 6.30pm at night buying microchips while a screaming toddler followed me around stating that if she didn't get chips for dinner then she would definitely just go live with her Daddy (she didn't say it, but it was inferred). The week that I barely got out of my emergency Mum uniform of leggings and a baggy jumper and I often wandered around Sainsbury's looking a bit lost and forlorn (tired and with no make-up on).

Yep. I was THAT Mum.

But seriously guys? What a week.

Thankfully things are looking up. My lovely brother in law donated his old laptop and I am now back to my blogging best (as you can tell from this massively inspirational and uplifting blog post). My Mum is home from Cyprus. She took one look at my child's radius to the telly and stated she is financing a new (bigger) one for my 30th. Probably for fear Ava will be blind by age 3 if we don't. The car is fixed. I got ripped off. The mechanic actually followed me out the garage and to a petrol station to tell me that (thanks dude). But I have a new decent mechanic who is going to do any further work for me at a much cheaper price. I'm back on the wine and the carbs. Because Mum is here and we have to give her a good holiday right?

I'm sleeping better. I'm worrying a little bit less about money. Meditating is impossible when you have a 2 year old poking you and a mother who insists on tidying up around you but I will get back to it when I can. The diet is out of the window as we are eating out constantly with my Mum but I WILL get that half stone off before Christmas. I'm not doing too well with the iPhone thing. But that's because I just got the brand new 5s and I pretty much hold it in the same high regard that I do Ava.

But you can't wine em all can you?


I meant WIN ;)

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