Friday, 8 November 2013

Food #7

Tasted like Japanese. Smelled like Japanese. Looked a mess. Won't be getting a job at Yo Sushi any time soon.

I went a bit crazy over this praised chicken recipe from Nigella. Not only did I get enough meat off that bird to last Ava and I for a week but my freezer is now full of the most delicious stock you ever tasted. 

Speaking of said chicken, I whipped up this risotto with some of those leftovers and it was pretty damn tasty. And yes those are garlic mushrooms piled on top. From now on all my meals must be accompanied by garlic mushrooms piled on top. I made this up but I'm pretty sure there was some wine, some blue cheese, some of that chicken & stock, some onion and some ricotta and walnut pesto.

And I've got the kid addicted to these healthy kale chips. It's about the only green thing she will eat. I'm all about the chilli flakes. She's more a rosemary and rock salt kinda gal. And always with coconut oil. Olive just doesn't cut it.

Anywhere that does a kid's meal that impressive deserves a mention. Ava's burger the other night at The Butcher Shop.

I'm still obsessed with Nando's. Which only deepened when I discovered their new avocado, chicken & green bean salad. Definitely recreating this bad boy at home.

Speaking of being obsessed, I can't stop snacking on nut butters. This is cashew nut. But I am scouring EVERYWHERE right now to get my hands on some walnut. On rice cakes, celery, apples.....
Who am I kidding? Mostly just straight out the jar.

Breakfast of champions. With hot sauce. WHO WAS I before I discovered hot sauce?

And I need to move. I need to move quick. Living within a mile radius of Whole Foods is killing my bank balance.

And don't introduce this to me two days after I decide to give up dairy. Just don't. K?

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