Friday, 20 December 2013

Food #8

I made Christmas chutney. And it was rubbish. I don't know if I didn't put in enough sugar. Or if I didn't cook it long enough. Or if I am just not the kind of girl who makes chutney. I think it's probably that. Do I look like the kind of girl who makes chutney? Probably not. Needless to say I have an emergency shop bought, pre-packaged, factory produced, additive added caramelised onion chutney to save the cheese board on Christmas day.

See that jar up there? Best thing I ever bought. Ever. It's nearly finished and I am already in a state of mourning. Luckily I found it available online here. I've been stirring it through chicken & creating faux take-away dishes at home or smearing it on baked salmon fillets and serving with rice and green beans. I can't wait to try more of their stuff.

Something else I tried cooking with recently was Berbere spice mix. Is it Ethiopian? Is it Morrocan? Gawd knows. I'm confused. But what the hell it tasted nice anyway. I slowed cooked this lamb for ages and by the time I got home that afternoon the smell was out of this world. I used this recipe for the above and am excited to try this crispy Berbere chicken with lentils recipe next.

I made kedgeree. But I threw in some korma curry paste and used chicken instead of smoked haddock. Cause I like to live a little wildly.

THIS. Let's talk about this dish. I've made ramen tons of times. So many times that it can't even be my favourite Wagamama dish any more cause I've made it at home so much. But this recipe took it to a new level. I have lost the original recipe so can't link you to it. But I did write it into my own personal little recipe book. Cause I'm geeky like that. Just follow a normal ramen recipe but make sure to add a sachet of miso paste, a teaspoon of duck fat, some pickled ginger & toasted sesame seeds along with all the other ingredients. It will blow your mind.

This is just your run of the mill crab spaghetti. If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I make this all the time. But this picture deserves it's place in this post because I actually got Ava eating it. I got my fussy 2 year old who only ever wants fish fingers or sausages to eat crab spaghetti. This is more of an accomplishment to me than any degree or amount of world travelling. Go me.

I've been making loads of bolognese recently. Everyone thinks their own bolognese is the best. Although mine is. Obviously. So I don't wanna teach anyone here how to suck eggs. BUT I have picked up a few tips along the way and it would be too selfish not to share. 

Always fry your mince in the oil from a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, throw in a few of those sun-dried tomatoes (finely chopped) at some point as well. Always use red wine and a splash of balsamic & Worcestershire sauce doesn't hurt either. Neither does a little sprinkle of dried thyme leaves.

Thank me later.

I dunno what this is. I can't remember.

Looks sexy though doesn't it?

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P said...

Like the look of the kedgeree. I'm planning to try and get healthy (again!!!) in the New Year so I'm wondering if I can maybe adapt it and use cauli rice instead of basmati. Could be interesting.

Also, your eggs always look so good!!!! x