Wednesday, 12 February 2014

This week.....

  • I literally cannot believe I am still listening to this song on repeat. I'm all about the words. Ava's more about the melody. Either way we have been dancing about the kitchen. Every. Single. Morning.
  • My Lush bath addiction shows no signs of slowing down. I'm using up all the Christmas stock I got cheap and looking forward to their blogger event at the end of February. Not that I need any more of an excuse to spend all of my money in that shop.
  • Speaking of spending money, most of mine is still being spent in Whole Foods. You?
  • A & I had the loveliest of lovelies, Miss Smidge come stay with us and it was fun let me tell you. Duplo, Gin & Tonics and Puttanesca. What more does a weekend need? Apart from the sore heads the next morning...
  • I am oh so over garlic dip (my fave) and have a new found relationship with a pot of salsa, a pot of sour cream and those really cheap tortilla chips you get in the supermarket for about 50p a bag. Yes, I'm a double dipper. Deal with it.
  • I had Ava pretty much full time for about the first 4 weeks of 2014 and oh my goodness, having to hand her back to her Daddy for a couple of days a week has damn near killed me. Luckily I have the bestest of friends who organise spa days, wine drinking and basically 'let's eat chips with cocktails' situations to keep me from going too spare.
  • As a result of these girlfriend dates I have had one too many sofa days. That to do list won't get any smaller. Nor will my ass if I keep up this double dippage. Making resolution to become much more productive on said Ava free days. We'll see....
  • Speaking of lists, I have decided I am sick to near death of scribbling ideas and shopping lists onto old bits of paper and random receipts. And as nice stationary does it for me almost as much as list making does, I completely adore this notebook I found on Pinterest. However I can't source it anywhere {insert sad face}
  • I wrote my first real proper grown up food review. You can find it here if you are at all interested. I must be growing up. Seems tweeting about my dinner & posting excessive amounts of food pictures on Instagram is just not cutting it anymore.
  • Speaking of food, my current addiction is this Mexican smoked chilli paste. And it is going in everything. Chilli con Carne, eggs, spag bol, the lot. Try it. Thank me later.
  • Ava has started doing the cutest thing that is going to get me into so much debt I may be in trouble. Sweet kid that she is thinks every damn letter that drops through that letter box is hers. Only hers. Everything is addressed to Ava apparently. By the time I get to my post it is pretty much shredded and illegible. So sorry in advance to all those bill companies that aren't getting paid. I will try and get to those ones with the red on them before Ava does ;)
  • Speaking of Ava, my poor girl got sick a couple of weeks ago and I got the call right as I was crossing the thresh line into the Rainbow Rooms International event in Royal Exchange Square. I did have time for a quick half glass of fizz (you know me) but unfortunately missed out on getting my hair styled or a cheeky manicure. Luckily the lovely Laura from the PR company hit me up with a few photos of the night to share with you anyway and they can be found below.

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