Friday, 28 February 2014

Why I love a fad (and a product review)

 Our relationship, dear readers, is getting pretty heavy. I feel like you know me well by now. That our bond is becoming that little bit more familiar. 

That basically - you know what I am like.

And what am I like? I'm a girl who loves a fad. And there have been many. Always on the look out for the next healthy 'trend', there was the time I decided to drink a shot a cider vinegar every morning because Jessica Alba told me to and have you seen Jessica Alba? FYI I still don't look like Jessica Alba. Or my chilli phase, whereby I put chopped up chilli in absolutely everything I ate in order to speed up my metabolism. I still recall my ex-boyfriend rolling his eyes in half bemusement/half exasperation as I drank my morning smoothie through a straw so I didn't taste the scotch bonnet I had chopped up and put in there. True story people, true story. Then there was the time I quit all dairy because I had read somewhere that if I did it would make me skinny, successful and rich. Or something like that. I think that one lasted about three hours. 

So the most recent trend that caught my attention was the aloe vera one. More accustomed to slathering this all over my body post sunbathing sesh at my Mums, I have been hearing more and more about the amazing health benefits of the stuff and being such a health GURU I wanted to give it a bash (I wanted a flatter stomach).

I have supplied you with a cute little picture of the health benefits because I can't be bothered typing them out.

 I am nothing if not honest. 

So when Taj Foods sent me some of their Aloe Vera juice drinks to try I pretty much jumped at the chance. For the health benefits obviously. Nothing to do with wanting a flatter stomach.

I tried the original flavoured drink and the strawberry flavoured one.

I'm going to be honest, the original was weird. A sort of thick water with actual pieces of aloe vera floating in it, it took me a while to get my head around. However, once I had accustomated myself to the consistency, the flavour was quite nice and completely non-offensive. Not a drink I would pick up in a newsagents to quench my thirst, but definitely not unpleasant. And we are not here to quench my thirst. We are here to make me look like Jessica Alba. 

The strawberry was my favourite and I don't do strawberry flavoured stuff usually. (A traumatising vomiting episode when I was five after I was given some strawberry flavoured medicine - I'm still not ready to talk about it). The consistency of this one was nicer as it lacked as much pulp as the last one and it was flavoured with real strawberry juice and naturally occurring stevia instead of refined sugar.

Overall these were nice. And good for you. And you can buy them in Morrisons now too. So make this your next fad. Unless you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under three. And if you are under three and reading this blog then go you.

But FYI?

I still don't look like Jessica Alba.

*PR Sample*

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