Tuesday, 25 March 2014


  • I started yoga. After buying Groupon vouchers last October (I know, I know), I finally got off my ass and got it booked. And I love it. I'm doing a style that is as much about meditation as it is about the positions and I honestly think this is something I will stick with. It's given me the kick up the butt I needed to get back into meditation (something I had been neglecting of late) plus I am doing positions already that I didn't realise this tired little body of mine was capable of. For the record - said positions are about as dignified as childbirth. You can check out Bliss Light Yoga if you are in the Glasgow area and fancy trying it yourself.
  • I am absolutely hands down obsessed with this song right here. I listen to it constantly and I blast it in the car - much to the disapproving looks of the oldies. And thanks to Radio One I don't appear to be able to finish a sentence without saying 'uh huh honey' at the end.
  • March was a crazy little month over at Casa Young as I had not only the mothership over from Cyprus for two whole delicious weeks but then one of my oldest and bestest friends up from down south for a couple of nights. As you can imagine much eating out, staying up late and cocktail drinking ensued. I am now officially back on the straight and narrow though. Early nights, home-cooked meals and moderate amounts of red wine. This girl is back on the health wagon. For now anyway.
  • I went to see a psychic. A very well known Glasgow lady by the name of Margaret Solis. I had been saying I was going to go back for a while and when a cancellation came up for last Friday (she is fully booked weeks in advance), I jumped at the chance. I obviously asked all the important questions - will I be rich, will I get married, will I have this metabolism forever, etc, etc. But in all seriousness, it was a great experience. I know there are a lot of cynics out there (hiya little sister), and the rational part of me will never be 100% sure, but she did tell me a few things that she couldn't have known any other way and that I couldn't have led her into. And ya know, everybody's gotta believe in something.
  • I found out that you have never experienced real fear until a spider lands on your hand while you are doing 70mph down the motorway. I handled it like a boss. Obviously.
  • I wrote a slightly cheeky Mother's Day Gift Guide for kid's clothing brand Half Pint Chic and did a food review on Central Market in the Merchant City if you fancy a nosy.
  • I am trying to commit myself more to my writing. Instead of pottering about on Twitter and wasting half the day I am being more disciplined. That means that when Ava is with her Dad or at nursery and I am not at work then I am up early. I will make a latte, read a bit of the paper, shower and then it's just me and the laptop for the rest of the day. It's amazing how much I am getting done when I try and be more focused. And even more amazing how quickly the time flies. I also make it a rule to shower, dress and put my make up on before I even open the laptop. I might spend the odd entire day indoors but I can at least look half decent when I am doing it. Psychology and all that.
  • I'm a bit obsessed with Gogglebox. Despite it taking me long enough to discover it. It really is pure brilliance isn't it? I'm slightly concerned that no one has thought to enter the older couple who run the B&B into some sort of rehabilitation programme but the young County Durham girl with remarks such as 'I'd be scared to ask someone the time in London in case they thought I was a terrorist' makes this pure unmissable telly.
  • It's also been brought to my attention that the best thing about drinking in old mans boozers is that no one looks at me like the complete and utter philistine I am when I ask for ice in my white wine. So that's good.
  • Finally, I am still embracing meat free Monday in all it's healthy, veggie glory. Last night was an amazing spinach and feta rice gratin and I have lots of yummy recipes coming up on the blog for anyone who fancies giving it a try themselves.

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