Friday, 25 April 2014


  • My fresh flower addiction seems to be getting worse. Not content with having them in the hallway and the living-room, I've decided that the bedroom must always have fresh flowers as well. Expensive little habit this is getting.
  • I have all the plans in the world for gin. Thanks to Pinterest I am particularly excited about doing a bit of a twist on the old classic with a mint, cucumber and lime G&T and creating some homemade lemonade & thyme gin cocktails for my friends now that the sun seems to be making an appearance. If it decides to stick around that is.
  • I re-watched one of my favourite movies of all time. What is it about Alan Rickman? I know I'm not alone here girls. Is it the voice? The sexy yet weird charisma? I dunno but OMG swoon. Also: did I really just say 'OMG swoon?'
  • I'm taking a break from the yoga to go on holiday for a bit. While I have loved doing Kundalini yoga and think it was a perfect way of easing myself into it, I am ready for something a  bit more hardcore when I get back and am excited about starting Bikram at the brand new Bikram Yoga Southside which is opening next month. Gonna have to work off all those mimosa's and all that mezze somehow.
  • Oh and the big news of 2014? Turns out we've all been washing our hair wrong. I've been giving this reverse shampooing shizz a bash and am now loving the results.
  • My intimate flat warming ended up being not too wild an affair thankfully. If you don't count my staying up till about four in the morning. Most of my evening was drunkenly spent putting on this song (don't ask) and the next morning was mainly spent eating biscuits and watching Frozen in bed 
  • I succumbed to Domino's pizza the next day and once again was horribly disappointed. What is it I'm missing? Too much overly sweetened tomato sauce, not enough cheese, rubbish base......gross. Papa John's only for this girl. Anchovies, tuna and red onion all the way. And a pepperoni and pineapple if we're doing Two For Tuesday ;)
  • I've been missing my girl like crazy. Ava went off to stay at her grandparents for a few days and then her Dad took her on holiday for a bit. 10 whole days apart. It's the longest we've ever been separated. But I've been enjoying getting some time to myself, seeing my girls for masses of cocktails, celebrating one of my closest friend's 30th birthdays and basically just getting some me time.
  • Speaking of said birthday celebrations - I might have done my karaoke song. And I wasn't even that drunk. Being the type of girl who 'doesn't do karaoke', I sucked it up and exercised those vocal chords. Luckily I don't think I made TOO much of an idiot of myself. Jury may still be out on that one though. And don't ask what my song is. Because I will never tell. And hopefully you will never see.
  • By the time you read this, the kid and I should be on our way to the sunny island of Cyprus. I will be drinking lots of fizz and topping up my tan while she'll be on the Fruit Shoots and endless bowls of chips. We are both looking forward to some serious fam time with my Mum and step dad. Well, Ava is - I will be by the pool drinking back to back Bloody Mary's. This year has been quite the whirlwind so far, and while I'm not complaining for a second, it will be nice to chill out for a bit, take stock of the past few months and start to get excited for what might be in store over the next few...

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