Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Home Stylin'

So this morning it occurred to me that we have been in our new place exactly ten months today. It also occurred to me that means it's ten months I have been meaning to do a flat tour post. That's ten months of procrastinating.

It also occurred to me that I have had a proper camera for over a year and I still haven't learned how to use it yet. Which is just bad. Yes, I am that girl who always shoots on automatic. Not cool. Thankfully myself & the DSLR are off to a proper workshop soon to learn how to use the damn thing properly. 

In the meantime I figured I would intersperse these morning thoughts (I have a lot of thoughts) by taking some pictures of the flat for you with the Canon. Our little place we call home is pretty small. And nothing to rave about. But it was pretty symbolic as a fresh start during some rubbish times last year and putting our own little touches to it gave me something to focus on and a way to get excited about the future. I thought about dusting or making the bed before I started snapping but then thought nah. This is what it is like. Lived in. Just wish the place didn't feel so damn empty when a certain someone goes off to stay with her Dad...

Hopefully by the next photo heavy post I bring you I will be a DSLR manual shooting pro ;)

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