Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Top 10 signs you know you are in a new relationship

  1. It takes you twenty minutes to choose a bottle of wine.
  2. Things suddenly start to go missing. You can't find your bronzer brush and you've lost your favourite pair of knickers (probably under his bed).
  3. Your eyes twinkle when you talk about him. And you talk about him. A lot.
  4. Take away suddenly becomes the dinner of choice every weekend. Often twice.
  5. You no longer put your phone on silent when you go to bed. Or leave it in the other room.
  6. You start reading your horoscope. And his.
  7. You check your phone about 216587861 times a day more than usual.
  8. You've checked out his ex-girlfriends on Facebook.
  9. You stop replying to those Whatsapp photos of your ex looking seriously buff with his shirt off.
  10. Fake tanning becomes a thing again. As does waxing.
Admit it girls - we all do it.

NB: Please don't get too excited, I am not in a new relationship. These observations are purely based on past experiences only ;)


Unknown said...

Oh, yeah, true facts!:) x

P said...

You put on weight. In MY case anyway.x

Kim Carberry said...

hahaha! All so true x