Monday, 25 August 2014


  • I tried to go on a diet. I lasted about 3 hours on said diet. I hate diets. After deciding to screw the diet I lost like 3lbs. Go figure.
  • I made a Jamie Oliver recipe and it actually worked. Jamie & I don't get on very well. We never seem to see eye to eye and every attempt at one of his recipes usually ends with a slightly inebriated and frustrated me phoning for take out. But this one was delicious. And I will be making it again. Check out this Chicken Satay with Fiery Rice Noodle Salad recipe and make it soon. You won't regret it.
  • Ava and I are booked up to go see In The Night Garden over at Queens Park at the beginning of September. This is my life now. Watching life sized cBeebies characters run around a stage making strange noises and then trying not to have nightmares afterwards.
  • I'm all about the Sunday roasts at the minute and my freezer is bursting with joints of meat that I can't wait to get roasting for friends. After cooking up a roast pork last Sunday , I have all the plans for some slow cooker beef brisket French dip sandwiches, an 8 hour lamb shoulder with Israeli couscous and a Cuban roasted chicken recipe. 
  • I'm really feeling that I might be done with watching Frozen now. I mean I think 1254 times is enough yeah? You agree? Could someone tell my 2 year old that?
  • I discovered this song and then died. I think I'm probably done pretending not to be a romantic now. But how much better is this than the usual cheese? 
  • Speaking of cheese, pre-diet revelations I may have melted an entire Camembert in the oven and then spent an evening dipping French baguette into it. Best thing that ever damn happened to me.
  • Ava has been getting very into her picnic dinners and on the days she gets a proper meal for lunch at nursery (and Mummy has been at work all day), we've been enjoying early evening sofa picnics in our pyjamas. Our Thursday evening picnics have become the highlight of my week.
  • And we have been enjoying some pre-sleep bedtime girly chats as well. Laying down in my big bed with the lights out and our noses practically touching we have been discussing all the plans for her impending 3rd birthday party in September. Apparently she is having 'all the sweets' at said party. Every single kind. And she will be wearing a princess dress complete with tiara and magic wand throughout. I love these little sleepy bedtime chats of ours and while I know I need to get cracking on getting that girl sleeping properly in her own bed soon, I am revelling every single sweet second of our nocturnal chats until that happens.
  • Life has been a bit busy of late resulting in me cooking less and ordering waaaay too many take-aways. You can see how this whole diet thing came about huh? It's totally acceptable to polish off left over take out for breakfast right? Please tell me I am not the only one who does this....
  • I have a problem with the West End of Glasgow.  Despite knowing there a few little gems of places to eat and drink in, I find the people a bit too 'hipster' for my liking. And I generally find the service to be lacking down to the fact that the staff are too busy trying to be cool than to actually pay the customers proper attention. However Bloody Mary's and a delicious Nasi Goreng in Stravaigin followed by an afternoon spent in some of the drinking establishments of Finnieston may have just swung this ardent Southsider a little more in the direction of the west
  • I am getting excited for Autumn. As much as I like the sun, I am a winter girl at heart. I adore the dark nights, scented candles and slow cooked comfort food. So roll on September.
  • I just realised that I have mentioned food about 3216521 times in this post.

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