Thursday, 25 September 2014

What's In My Fridge #3

The third edition of What's In My Fridge is brought to you by Felicity!

Fridge Staples: 

Mayonnaise – There’ s none here at the moment, which is a bit deceiving, but that’s only because I foolishly bought some own brand and it tasted like a rotting carcass in the depths of hell, so I’ve gone off it for a bit.
Various Milks – I suffer from IBS, which can be a real pain, literally. A doctor told my friend that drinking cows milk with IBS is like, ‘throwing oil on a fire,’ and I have to agree. I like almond milk in porridge and soymilk in my coffee. For ages I thought they were freaky but they’re not, they’re just expensive.
Coconut Water – Great for when I’ feeling ropey. It’s really quenching and revitalising although I fully appreciate it’s a bit wanky and that the world turned for quite some time before we could purchase Vita Coco.
Turkey Mince – I’ve got into this relatively recently as, without trying to sound like a PR for Bernard Matthews, it’s really lean, cheap and versatile. Turkey meatballs with some chilli and garlic mixed in, plus tomato sauce and courgetti (spaghetti made from courgette) is my new favourite thing.
Capers – See courgetti addiction above
Salmon – I used to find it too fishy but now I love it with a smear of harrisa paste and thrown in the oven, an easy mid week dinner.
Berries – Now we’re into the colder months (hurrah) I’m back to having porridge every morning. It needs berries and a drizzle of maple syrup otherwise it feels like eating prison gruel. Without breakfast I wouldn’t make it to the train and I still need a snack at 10am.
Marmalade – This isn’t just any marmalade, this is my granny’s homemade marmalade. When ever I go to see her she pops down to her, ‘jam cellar,’ to replenish the stock.
Greek Yogurt – Endlessly versatile, I eat this with granola, pizza, in sauces, with curry.
Coriander – It divides people but I love it, in pretty much everything.
Kale – Everyone’s been harping on about it for ages but I only first tried it a couple of months ago. I like it fried with garlic and chili, like Chinese greens.
Soup – In an ideal world I would make my own soup all the time but this Glorious West African Chicken and Peanut really does it for me.
Bacon – always streaky, but only at the weekend. 

What’s your signature dish? 

I’m lucky in that my boyfriend is a great cook, plus he’s a personal trainer, which is why there’s a bit of a healthy theme in our fridge. Don’t be fooled though, I love butter and cream. I got a bit lazy for a while and let my boyfriend do all the cooking but once again I’m back to scouring blogs and BBC food for new dishes to make at the weekend. One of my favorite things is cooking up something new while listening to the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show and guzzling a big glass of wine.
Delia’s Mediterranean veggie lasagna used to be my go to dish and my friend Rosanna’s amazing blue cheese salad is something I regularly make to impress but lately I’ve been into Ken Hom’s lemon chicken and courgetti, of course. 

What do you cook when you really can’t be bothered? 

Beans on toast with cheese on top, drenched in tobasco, with a side of mayonnaise. I ate this meal for most of my 20s. This is also a great for the end of the month when I’ve spent all my money on coconut water and harissa paste. 

Food heaven and food hell 

My mums puttanesca, granny’s Coronation Chicken, buttery bacon sandwiches, sticky ribs, steak frites and bĂ©arnaise. OK,I basically love all food but food heaven is any meal with my friends and family, some great chat and there’s probably some fizz in there too.
Food hell would be weird meaty entrails like liver and stomach and I’m not big on custard or honey straight up (it’s ok mixed in stuff, like salad dressing.) 

Favourite Supermarket 

I live near a massive Morrison’s, which has loads of choice but I like the odd bit from Marks and Spencer and Waitrose, it just feels a bit luxury. I would shop in Waitrose all the time if I could. Aldi is insanely cheap and good for basics and booze. 

Favourite food treat 
Sweet chilli Sensations or kettle chips with a creamy dip or tzatziki. I can also easily devour a big bag of sweet and salty popcorn even though it makes me feel hideous. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy chocolate but usually I’m more of a savory gal. 

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haha I love these posts, I am mega nosy about peoples fridges/handbags/glove compartments/basically any part of their lives x