Sunday, 23 November 2014

Bimuno & my obsession with Jessica Alba's abs

Know one of the things I like best about waking up first thing in the morning? My stomach. For some reason my tummy always seems flatter in the morning. What is that by the way? Sleep? Digestion? Whatever - come the morning time that boyfriend of mine can quite happily run his hands over my tummy to his hearts content and I let him. I don't even flinch. But 11pm on a Sunday after a weekend spent bingeing on beer and take out? You will find me in my baggiest t-shirt, lying on my stomach to get to sleep thank you very much. 

As I have gotten older I've found that a lot of foods don't really agree with me like they used to. Too much bread and my tummy swells up to the point I actually look pregnant. A cheeseboard after dinner can leave my stomach bloated and sore for days. It's because of this (and the fact I'm a little greedy guts who can't say no to a burger or a nice stilton) that I have taken an interest in prebiotics of late. Basically I take an interest in anything that might keep me in my size tens. Because I'm a total girl. And us girls are always whining about feeling bloated. Except Jess. I seriously can't see her clutching her hot water bottle and a pint of Haagen Daz and crying about how fat she is once a month.

But hey - ya never know.

So you can talk about 'good bacteria', 'digestion' and 'gut health' all you want but all I hear is blah, blah, blah, blah. Say 'this is going to make it easier to get those skinny jeans on' and suddenly I'm listening. 
And Bimuno prebiotics actually work. They sent me a month's worth of powder sachets to try and I liked. I poured one into my morning latte every day and to be honest saw absolutely no difference after a week. Not one. And I kinda almost didn't blog about it. Then I noticed that I ate my body weight in Chinese food one Friday night and when I woke up on the Saturday morning I didn't look like I was expecting twins. 'That's a bit weird', I thought. But I didn't make the connection. Because have I mentioned that I now work full time and look after a 3 year old and clean my own house and my brain has gone back to the mushy mess of nothingness that it was right after Ava was born?

 But more on that later.

But I kept pouring these wee sachets in my morning coffee and I still am. And I am gonna keep it up. Because I have noticed a difference. I am eating the odd bread roll and not feeling like my stomach has went through a cheese grater the next day. And I am waking up in the morning with a (sort of) flat stomach again. So it turns out that I am a prebiotic convert.

Oh and apparently my gut is all healthy and has a great digestive balance and blah, blah, blah.

Which is OBVIOUSLY the reason I like this stuff.

Thanks to Bimuno Prebiotics for collaborating with and supplying products for this post. You can read more about my disclosure policy here.


Hook, Line and Sink Her said...

She looks SO cute. This stuff sounds very interesting- I, too, suffer from the 6 months pregnant bloat after eating some bread. Might need to get some of this xxx

Dawn Young said...

Def worth a go! X