Tuesday, 13 January 2015


  • I think my Pinterest addiction may be fading. That is a total lie. I have managed to somehow wean myself off it and have restricted my use to weekends only. I'm way too neurotic to keep adding to my 'lists' without actually cooking any of the recipes or trying any of the hairstyles. And these lists were running away with themselves. So I was addicted to Pinterest. But I fought it on my own. Kind of.
  • After abandoning the gym completely during the month of December I am back at it a few times a week. I've even worked out the perfect 6k route around where I live. I'd like to point out that I still don't have Alba's abs though.
  • Two words: Taylor Swift. We all know how much I love that gal. And that album has never been off my CD player since my big sister gave me it at Christmas. Do we think I might need to talk to someone about how much I love her?
  • And I'm still obsessed with listening to Uptown Funk. Judge. At. Will.
  • The kid and I are looking at getting a new car pretty soon. Having been running about in a seriously old Fiat Punto for quite some time now, the bloody thing has probably cost me 4 times in parts what I actually paid for the vehicle. So given that I am a full time worker again (and I don't really fancy the prospect of being stuck on the hard shoulder with a 3 year old), we have decided to upgrade to something a bit shinier. Might actually wash this one occasionally...
  • Looking forward to hitting up our old capital Edinburgh this Friday for some eats and maybe a cocktail or two. I don't go back to my old stomping ground nearly enough these days. Stay tuned for a review of The Magnum coming soon on the blog.
  • There might have been a day last week when I ate a Dominos for lunch and then had Indian take out for dinner. I said might...(was).
  • We've also been enjoying some really good eats Southside including an amazing tagine at Loks Bar & Kitchen and some pretty special steak tartare and lobster at The McMillan. But also - can we talk about the fact that I have yet to find a better Espresso Martini than the ones they do at The Bungo?
  • Oh and health freaks? Frozen grapes do not taste like sweets, frozen bananas do not taste like ice-cream and dates dipped in almond butter are not an exceptional substitute when all you want to do is dip Jammy Dodgers in Haagen Daz. Just saying.
  • In other news, I got a fringe cut back in again and it's already annoying me. To the point that my boyfriend was forced to actually talk our waitress into giving me her kirby grib when we were out for dinner the other night. Shout out to the waitress. And to the boyfriend.
  • Obviously I have made all the New Year's resolutions. I'm going to drop a dress size, start saving money, not eat two take-aways in the one day.... It's going well.
  • I think we can all agree that the return of Broadchurch  is the most exciting thing to happen this decade. Obviously having Ava is up there, but you know, BROADCHURCH.
  • Finally I managed to get through Christmas and New Year without actually putting on any weight. I don't know either.

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Hook, Line and Sink Her said...

Amazing list. I too love Taylor Swift and Uptown Funk a hella lot. No shame here xxx