Monday, 16 February 2015


  • I went bowling for the first time in years. And at 31 I'm as bad as I was when I was 11. Actually scrap that. I'm worse. Ava beat me.
  • We cooked an entirely veggie 3 course Sunday roast for some good friends. I say 'we' but Ava's input consisted of stealing chocolate buttons and dancing around to Taylor Swift. My nut roast could have done with being a little firmer but the soup I made to start was ohmygodamazing. This soup had beer, brie and apples in it and a sort of pecan and oat crumble thing on top. Life changing.
  • Someone surprised me with a coffee machine (something I have been lusting after for ages) and I have been making all kinds of mess in the kitchen trying to perfect my coffee making skills. I'm pretty used to using one of those stove top espresso makers and to be honest it's taking some practice to get the hang of it but I'm getting there. In the meantime I am inhaling that instant hazelnut stuff. How did I only just discover that?
  • I'm kind of loving little rituals these days. Like the way we always pick up a Starbucks at the start of our little road trips up north. Or the little rhyme Ava and I repeat to each other every night about loving each other like jelly tots before she goes to sleep. These little habits are kind of special and I adore them.
  • I'm doing the Paleo diet. Although I tried it a couple of years ago and had a hellish time, I've really enjoyed this past week and how good it feels to be putting so many wholesome, natural foods into my body. And goodbye constant bloated feeling. I would be lying if I said I didn't go a bit mental on Sunday which I have decided is my Paleo 'off day'. We're talking Pringles, chocolate, toast and the biggest burger you ever saw. Totally earned it though.
  • After spending ages anticipating the new Catch fish and chip shop in Giffnock opening we STILL haven't been. But are hitting that place up soon because all of your amazing Instagram photos are way too hard to take. Can't wait to taste their scallops and sweet potato fries.
  • I majorly cocked up my first paella. I mean that stuff was mush. Somehow my guests still managed to eat it. Not sure if that was due to politeness or alcohol intoxication. It still kinda hurts to talk about it.
  • Last but not least - chocolate beer. Why did no-one tell me?

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Gwen - TheFoodieHistorian said...

Chocolate beer - I love it! My favourite one is a Sam Smith's chocolate stout, which is delicious. I'll have to keep an eye out for the Hotel Chocolat one!