Thursday, 23 April 2015

Life In Snapshots #37

ROAD TRIP: What feels like a life time ago I went on a little road trip up to Fort William. I'm still sorting through the holiday snaps. I mean seriously, when did life get so busy that I have 354631567 unsorted photographs on my iPhone? It was a beautiful drive though. And vanilla lattes on road trips are the only way to road trip people. 

GIRL TIME: trying to think of things that are a bit different to do when Ava and I have our little girl dates. Mainly they fall on a Saturday and we hit up soft play and go for cake. This is getting a bit boring so we have been going on adventures to places like Largs and New Lanark. In matching Boden stripes. Obvs.

PALEO & LAZY SUNDAYS: the paleo diet has kind of been sacked. Although I loved how it made me feel, it was a lot of effort. And as I am exercising so much I figured that the odd potato wouldn't hurt. We've been enjoying our Sundays off too. I usually work a Sunday so having the odd one off is the best kind of bliss. Ava is allowed coco pops and chocolate croissants on a Sunday. Then she goes off to her Dads and I do all the lazy Sunday things that this mama rarely gets to treat herself to these days. Like painting my nails, reading the Sunday papers and cooking a roast dinner.

OBSESSIONS: the flat is quite literally filled with flowers right now. I have some beautiful blood red carnations on my bed side table. Whoever said carnations are blah needs to see these carnations. I have some spring like tulips in the hall. I have the most beautiful multi coloured roses dotted in jam jars around the flat and some stunning orange roses situated right next to the laptop. I swear I write better when I have pretty flowers like those to look at. I have also become obsessed with vanilla or hazelnut flavoured instant coffees, coconut milk yogurts and vegetable crisps. Basically everything in the supermarket filed under 'ridiculously expensive'.....

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