Friday, 12 June 2015


  • I've been using all the exercise I have been doing as an excuse to eat crap 24/7. However lately I have been trying to be better behaved during the week. I made this amazing Vegan Abundance Bowl and it was so good that I can see it becoming a Meat Free Monday staple.
  • I also made this detox soup after I got back from a very indulgent 10 days in Cyprus. I would be lying if I said it was the most delicious soup I had ever tasted. But it was super healthy and made me feel pretty virtuous.
  • I've been throwing together endless salads and omelettes using whatever I have lying about in the fridge. Usually spinach, seeds, feta or goats cheese, boiled eggs, maybe some bacon or some leftover chicken. Always sun-dried tomatoes. I cannot stand ordinary tomatoes but my love affair with their sun-dried cousins is enduring.

  • Days spent indoors writing have been rare. I only usually have 1 or 2 freelance pieces due in a week which I can normally cram in between shifts at work. I feel like I might have lost my writing mojo a little and am hoping that the new blog design will give it a fresh lease of life. Because I love nothing more than settling down in front of the laptop in my comfiest woollen sweater with a flat white or a big steaming mug of Earl Grey. 
  • I tried my hand at sushi again. No matter what I do my sushi always ends up looking rubbish. I think I need to get myself down to Yo Sushi more often and watch those guys at work. Purely in the name of research right?
  • I discovered Rebel Kitchen's chocolate flavoured coconut milk during my most recent visit to Whole Foods and I am all kinds of in love with that stuff now.
  • I visited Sugar Dumplin restaurant which has opened in Glasgow's Princes Square. Unfortunately I didn't really rate the food and found it's south side rival The Rum Shack to taste much more authentic. Recently I found this review in The Herald which I thought pretty much summed it up. The cocktails, company and beachy interior were pretty awesome though!

  • I ate Fritto Misto and drank Pinot Grigio recently at another newly opened Glasgow restaurant Gusto. It wasn't somewhere I would rush back to as I have so many 'must try' Glasgow restaurants on my list right now - then I heard about their chocolate fondue with prosecco and have promised myself a trip back soon.
  • I also headed to Largs recently for their very first food festival and had the best time ever. But drinking prosecco, eating Aberdeen Angus burgers, buying cheese & listening to local music talent in the blazing sunshine is hardly going to be a chore is it?
  • I think I have an addiction. Other than cheese. And it's going on road trips. I always have one in the pipeline and spend every morning scouring the likes of Groupon and Itison for good hotel deals. I long for long bubble baths in hotel bathrooms and ferry rides to little Scottish islands. And my next escape is going to be a girls road trip up to Aberfeldy with my buddy Paula. No doubt the second I return I will start planning my next escape...

So what else has been happening?

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