Thursday, 25 June 2015


  • Did I mention that on top of the fact I pretty much drink coffee 24/7, I have also developed a one-a-day addiction to those instant flavoured coffees you can buy in the supermarket? When I have the guilts over too many calorie laden lattes these beauties have been coming in very handy.
  • I bought those pink roses up there in the reduced aisle at a Tesco for 30p and they lasted me 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. I just had to tell someone.
  • Someone keeps sleeping in my bed. And that girl hogs all the blankets.
  • You Instagrammers have way too much influence on me and so I decided to throw caution to the wind and put some apple in my most recent gin and tonic. Not convinced. Cucumber till the death.

  • Despite being an out and out carnivore, I do love me a veggie breakfast. And the one they do at The Glad Cafe in Shawlands is pretty exceptional. Especially when it's accompanied by a really good flat white after an 8 mile run in the rain.
  • These Thai chicken street noodles seriously hit the spot after a long shift last Friday. 
  • I visited Dumpling Monkey last week with Michelle and Sarah to finally see what all the fuss is about. I see it. I definitely see it.
  • I've always avoided having a 'favourite restaurant'. No matter how much I like somewhere, there are always another 1000 places I want to try. But I have to hands down say that Ian Brown Restaurant in Glasgow is my favourite place to eat. That up there is a cauliflower and Scottish bonnet creme caramel with a cheddar cheese wafer. A starter from their pre-theatre menu which is only £13 for two courses during the week. The fact that it is just around the corner from me, has the nicest little atmosphere and brilliant service has resulted in a fair few visits over the past few months. I admit defeat - I've found a favourite.

  • I love little day trips almost as much as a love overnight road trips and so a couple of weeks ago we armed ourselves with car snacks and took off in the torrential rain to explore some of Ayrshire. We visited  Culzean castle and then took a trip to the Robert Burns museum for a mosey around his cottage. The weather was rubbish but it kind of fitted in perfectly with the day. The gloomy skies complimented the sound of the waves crashing against the castle and eating ice-creams in the car while the rain hammers against the windscreen is kinda fun. There might have been coffee and cake at some point too. Because sugar is a pre-requisite on cultural day trips. Fact.