Thursday, 23 July 2015

Let's talk about: Pizza

If there's one thing my fussy child digs then that's a pizza. I swear that girl would eat pizza all day every day if I let her. And whenever there's a shout out to Ava over where to go for dinner then you can pretty much bet your life that her answer will be either Pizza Hut (ice cream factory) or Pizza Express (chefs hat and stickers). But as much as we like to eat our pizza in the dining comforts of a restaurant, it's not financially feasible to do it every night.

Step in Chicago Town pizzas who sent us a range of their frozen pizzas to try. I say 'we' but truthfully I never got much of a look in. Apart from that night where I had a salad for dinner then after two glasses of wine decided to eat two of their chicken club deep dishes before bed. The less said about that the better.

They were delish by the way.

God damn wine munchies. 

We usually make our own pizzas at home. And when I say make I mean buy ready made bases, a jar of sauce and a bag of mozzarella and let Ava do her thing. Then I spend two hours in the kitchen after she's gone to bed wiping tomato sauce off the walls and picking mozzarella out of the kettle.


This is a much better idea.

And they are really good. Although I highly recommend oven cooking them instead of microwaving as the taste difference is way better when they are bunged in a fan assisted for 20 minutes. But if they're whining they're hungry and you're at the point of letting them eat hula hoops before dinner (which you are deeply morally against), then at least you have the option of whacking these in the microwave and having dinner done in a matter of minutes.

But oven all the way if you can. The base is crispier and the cheese is gooier that way.

I will stop making up words now.

As you can see Ava loves these pizzas. We haven't tried the subs yet but I imagine they will get a massive thumbs up as well. And don't even talk to me about the new Pizza Melt. It's like a pizza and a burger in one. Her two favourite foods amalgamated together. She couldn't even deal.

So a big thumbs up to Chicago Town pizzas. We salute you.

Thanks to you the staff in our local Pizza Express are probably wondering if we're ok.

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