Tuesday, 1 December 2015


I told you it would be all about Christmas in our little home come the 1st of December.

I wasn't kidding.

Now that December has finally arrived we are in full on festive mode. We're stocking the cupboards with festive treats, the Pinot Noir has been replaced by mulled wine and we pick up our Christmas tree on Thursday.

There's something really special about when Ava and I go and pick up our tree. I simply refuse to go artificial and insist upon a real tree every year. For a long time I'm ashamed to say that this was the 'blokes' job and I always let a boyfriend take care of the trip to B&Q, the humphing it up the stairs and then the subsequent car hoovering afterwards. But a couple of years ago (my first Christmas as a single mum), Ava & I got all independent woman and did it ourselves. She was two, I was tired and it was a bit of drama. But we've done it ever since. There's something about the whole process from buying to decorating that makes me feel like we are such a tight little twosome. The best little team who can do anything we like when the two of us put our mind to it. She's the ultimate girl pal. Even if she has eaten all the chocolates off the tree by the 5th of December.

Being in such 'full on Christmas mode', I was super excited when the guys over at Penwizard asked me if I would like a personalised Christmas Ben & Holly book to read to Ava over the holidays. I find the run up to Christmas all that more exciting now I have a special little person who gets even more excited than I do. And the whole 'you have to be good or Santa won't come' is never a bad thing for a parent really is it?

One of the things I love most about bedtime (apart from how cute & snuggly she always looks with her wet hair and cute little polar bear PJ's), is the fact I get to read to her. I freak out regularly that that little lady of mine spends way too much time on a certain Apple product, so reading time is particularly important in this household. So the fact I get to combine post-bath cuddles, reading stories and getting excited about Christmas all at the same time is pretty great.

These books are the perfect thing for making your little one feel special. Ava simply could not get over the fact that THE Ben & Holly had not only written a book about her but sent her a personalised copy. When I ordered, I personalised the book with her name and chose her outfit. I chose the hair, eye colour, etc that resembled her the most and I did so well in choosing the greatest little outfit for the book that she has informed me she wants that exact dress for Christmas day. Not exactly sure how I am going to pull that one off....

It was super quick to personalise the book to suit Ava and her cheeky little character perfectly and the book fell onto our doorstep two days after ordering. That girls face when she gets her own mail is priceless. Those are the memories that get imprinted onto the brain forever.

So thank-you Penwizard. For sending my already too hyper for Christmas child way over the edge!

I have a feeling we will be reading Ava's North Pole Adventure for years to come.

You can check out Penwizard here and here and here. And here's a sneaky discount that gets you £3.00 off until the 15th of December: PENWIZARD3


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