Thursday, 17 December 2015


  • I attended a wine tasting event at Trades Hall recently with Kirsty and what a giggle it was. I'd like to say we left with the knowledge of an expert sommelier. Actually we spent most of the afternoon giggling and drinking excessive amounts of champagne.
  • I had those home-made waffles with toffee sauce up there for lunch the other day. What?
  • We managed to beat the lunchtime Christmas rush at TGI's for some nachos, wings and ribs before a cinema date. I would eat those Bucket o' Bones every night if I could.
  • That photo up there is just for scale. Tiny Ava/massive Christmas tree in Stirling the other weekend where we explored the castle, accidentally stumbled into family story time (score for Ava) and ultimately ended up in a softplay.

  • You know those old school friends you can go a year without seeing then when you do it's like you were never apart? I met up with one & ate a starter so incredible that I was still talking about it two days later. All I know is it contained olives, aubergine, capers and pine nuts which is basically all of my favourite things.
  • We finally got our tree up, albeit a couple of days later than expected. Ava was no help whatsoever. We had some artistic differences.
  • Cosy socks, good books and my favourite chocolates are getting this girl through winter. Once Santa has been can we skip straight to spring please?
  •  I have been roasting everything I can get my hands on. Including the most intense purple beetroot I found at the Farmers Market. Roasted with garlic, olive oil and lots of salt and pepper it's pretty much the side dish to every dish right now.

  • If you've never heard of peasants pasta then it's basically when you forget to go to the supermarket so have to make a pasta dish out of whatever you can find in the fridge. This was my salad version. Goats cheese, honey roasted nuts, sweet potato chunks and crispy kale. Oh and massive croutons. Natch.
  • I loved the labelling on the bottle of wine we enjoyed when out for dinner the other night. It's like the waiter sat me next to a white wall cause he just knew.
  • Hot baths are getting me through the winter. Well they were until my boiler went on the blink. Don't even talk to me right now.
  • I'm so obsessed with eating out now that I even take photos of the cutlery. I am who I am.

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