Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Ava's dad and I usually split weekends. As he normally works a Saturday anyway, that's our day to spend some proper mummy/daughter time together. Which pretty much makes it my favourite day of the week. Knowing I have spent quality time with her on a Saturday means I can pack her off to her Dads at 11am on a Sunday safe in the knowledge that we used our day off together wisely and had the most fun we could. Of course I miss not having her here for Sunday walks in the park or at the table for the weekly Sunday roast - but it also means I can go to the pub to watch the rugby. 

So every cloud.

Our Saturdays usually go a little something like this: get up as late as Ava will allow (thank you cBeebies app on the iPad), then have breakfast which is usually something like chocolate croissants, poptarts or pancakes. Disclaimer: she's not allowed any of that crap during the week but Saturdays to us are all about FUN (and pizza). Then it's off to gymnastics before we take off, armed with car snacks and the Frozen soundtrack, on a wee adventure somewhere. Most Saturday afternoons we can be found exploring a castle or perusing a museum. So when O'Leary PR got in touch asking us if we fancied visiting the National Wallace Monument in Stirling, you didn't have to ask us twice. Or my sister. Who duly brought Skittles for the ride.

We arrived to some blustery, drizzly weather but decided to brave the ten minute walk from the visitor centre to the monument. Shout out to my 4 year old who walked the very steep incline practically unaided the whole way! 

Once there we were greeted by some very friendly staff who ushered us into a wee room at the bottom of the monument where we were able to travel back 100 years and meet the monument's caretaker. Here we learned all about how the monument came about and more about the main man himself, William Wallace. My sister even happened to snap some very spooky shots of what looks very much like a ghost! You can head over to the Facebook page to get a look at the photos. Give us a like whilst you're there though ;)

From there we climbed the 246 steps to take us to the top of the monument. But not before stopping off at  each floor on the way up to check out the fun stuff there is to read and do like a giant jigsaw, cool infographics and a little video theatre.

Our eyes were on the prize though and that was the amazing views from the top! They were indeed spectacular and you could see all of Stirling and beyond. In fact Ava even reckoned she could see granny's house in Cyprus. Those are some serious birds eye skillz she's got there huh? 

The shots I did get of the view didn't come out too great.
 But here's a super cute photo of Ava nearly getting blown away by the wind to make up for it...

Amazing views aside, it was freeeezing up there and so we beat a hasty retreat down to the coffee shop where we indulged in flat whites, scones, millionaires shortbread and doughnuts and chatted to the super nice staff about our day. Seriously - I cannot recommend this day out enough if you have little ones and are looking for something to do. Or don't have little ones but are trying to keep yourself out of the pub.

Big thank you for the invite! We will most certainly be back.
But maybe not till the summer.

The National Wallace Monument, Stirling, 01786 472140

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