Wednesday, 17 February 2016


  • How good was the snow? All two minutes of it anyway. We celebrated the colder weather by hot footing it to the shops to buy news hats and scarfs then building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. I say we but I more observed. From the comforts of the flat. I do make a cracking hot chocolate though so team work.
  • Also recently ventured into Nachos in Shawlands for some Mexican tapas. Then I got dragged to the pub to watch the football. I pretend I hate getting dragged to the pub to watch the football but I secretly love the fact I get beer and that no-one bugs me for being on my phone.
  • Ava's new 'weekend treat' is Poptarts. Despite the fact these are a pretty serious throwback to my youth, they are basically just cake aren't they? Cake for breakfast. Excellent parenting again.
  • Deadlines. Which are a GOOD thing. I kind of abandoned the wee bit of freelance work I did to focus on a new career. While my new career change is going well (and just got even more exciting), I do love it when I get a wee writing job through. Especially cause I get to bang on about stuff somewhere other than this blog.

  • It is still very much sweater weather. Like the baby pink embroidered number I have fallen in love with and been wearing to death recently. Spring can feel free to hurry up though. I'm missing ballet pumps and wearing blazers instead of jackets.
  • That is my child up there helping to dissect a pair of sheep's lungs recently at The Science Centre. I can't even look at the picture without feeling nauseous.
  • Roast dinners. Or should I say roast chicken dinners. Every single Sunday for month. I really need to branch out to a beef or a nice shoulder of lamb soon but I am obsessed with making soup from the stock of the chicken bones. So just gonna style it out until someone says they can't face chicken anymore.
  • Speaking of soup it has been commented a few times that I might have a soup making obsession. I can't eat it as quick as I make it though and have a freezer bursting at the seams!

  • Can I mention roast chicken again on this blog post? Too soon? Ok.
  • I did that hellish thing I sometimes do on the lead up to my long weekend away of trying not to eat carbs. I substituted with as much avocado, eggs and courgetti as I could but honestly? IT WAS HELL.
  • Apart from this sweet potato bubble and squeak I had one night. Which was awesome. Pipe down anyone claiming sweet potato is a carb.
  • These were my snacks. Vegetables crudites and salsa. Needless to say I'm back on the kettle chips and garlic dip.

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