Sunday, 5 June 2016


  1. Pimms. Despite never being much of a fan, I decided to invest in a bottle of Pimms (Waitrose currently kicking it with £12 for a litre FYI). The result? Totally converted. I dilute mine with a ton of lemonade, strawberries, cucumber & apple and I think we may have just found my new Summer tipple. 
  2. Eating Al Fresco. I've always taken my balcony a bit for granted and really haven't ventured out there all that much. But as the weather has been so good, we've been taking full advantage of having our own little sun trap and have been dining out there most evenings. What is it about eating your evening meal in the summer sun that makes you feel all happy inside?
  3. Gardens. However our balcony has only made me yearn all the more for a proper garden, something I know Ava would love. I know she longs for a paddling pool & I have it on good authority that I'm pretty nifty behind a BBQ. New life goal is definitely a garden. One day...
  4. My tan. We've been back from Cyprus now for one full week and I will never tire of hearing people comment on what a great tan I have come back with. So don't stop.  
  5. Going veggie.  A good friend was telling me how she and her family went veggie for a full week recently and it has inspired me to do the same. Starting Monday. With an obvious blog post to follow. Cold leftover Margherita Pizza Hut counts as Meat Free Monday right?
  6. Family. So we aren't the hugest of families, but we are a solid two and pretty tight & I have loved spending my spare time doing fun family stuff with Ava like our recent visit to Briarlands Farm Park or today's early morning cinema date. This is the stuff that's important and I savour every memory we make. Think it's safe to say my clubbing days are well & truly over...
  7. The Sun. I think this entire blog post might be sponsored by the amazing but rather rare Glasgow weather we are getting right now. Keep it coming.
  8. Pals. I had a good friend up from London on Friday night and it felt amazing just to sit out in the sun drinking Pimms and putting the world to rights over some pizza. Ava finally got to meet one of my oldest friends (we met in Australia when I was a mere 18), and I was sorry to wave her back off to London on Saturday morning. I feel another trip to the Big Smoke coming soon!
  9. Showering. And by showering I mean showering with an audience. Ava has decided recently that I must be lonely showering alone and started dragging her breakfast, the iPad and her beanbag into the bathroom to keep me company. It's kinda sweet and takes me back to those baby days when I had to strap her into her Doomoo and plonk her on the bathroom floor while I washed my hair...
  10. Home Comforts. Despite a fun holiday, I've been enjoying some home comforts since we returned from Cyprus like sleeping in my own bed, catching up on Netflix and oh my god it is good to be able to chuck the loo paper down the toilet again. I do miss wearing bikini tops as bras and not having to blow-dry my hair mind you.

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