Tuesday, 11 October 2016


  • There is something about making a real proper curry from scratch that I find so cathartic. Don't get me wrong, it's a total pain in the ass, takes forever and I usually end up with at least one new cooker burn by the time it's ready to eat but it's worth it all the same.
  • Saturday adventures with Ava. This time we headed to Kelburn Country Park where we checked out the 'cartoon castle' as Ava called it, ate ice cream & explored the coolest secret forest I have ever seen. Might have enjoyed that bit more than Ava.
  • Because I'm off dairy now (have I mentioned I'm off dairy - I'm not sure I've mentioned that I'm off dairy), I felt the need to eat as much of my favourite cheese before I went cold turkey. This amazing pasta with burrata recipe was super tasty and I highly recommend you make it!
  • Uh-mazing gourmet hotdog at the Loch Lomond Food Festival. Enjoyed with a delicious pint of Isle of Skye beer. Which upon purchasing I insisted upon making the people serving it discuss all my favourite Skye landmarks with me for at least half an hour.

  • Heading out for evening runs with a buzzing brain after long days spent in the office only to return with a clear head and a rush of endorphins. Running is most definitely my chicken soup for the soul.
  • I'm still not over how good these Decadently Pure raw chocolates actually taste and am pretty much dropping massive hints to anyone who will listen about how much I want more for my birthday.
  • Every evening post gym class you will pretty much be sure to find me curled up on the sofa, my cosy new throw slung over my legs, a glass of spicy red wine on the coffee table and catching up on episodes of Cold Feet or Poldark. God I love this time of year.
  • And speaking of autumn, I discovered this gorgeous autumnal coloured nail polish hiding behind my dressing table the other day. No idea how long it's been there (or if it was even me who bought it) but I have been adorning my fingernails with it ever since.

  • Another castle visit. This time to Doune. Where we soaked up the very last few rays of Scottish sun and explored every nook & cranny. I think I might need to go to Castles Anonymous. Is that a thing?
  • Yummy nachos and some spicy chilli con carne cooked by my friend and enjoyed with a nice big 'thank goodness it's Friday' glass of wine while our girls played together.
  • Delicious chickpea and roast veg salad from Tapa Bakehouse just off Duke Street in Glasgow. Enjoyed with some proper cloudy lemonade and rounded off with a sneaky bite or two of Ava's chocolate brownie.
  • Friday afternoon post school shopping. Where we may have got distracted and stopped off for some ice cream. But ya know, Friday. 

  • After spending way too much money on post workout smoothies recently, the lovely Charlene gifted me her old Breville Actiblend. I am now annoying every single person I know for their favourite smoothie and green juice recipes and freezing portions of fruit like there's going to be an apocalypse.
  • Cool neon sign in the Giffnock branch of BRGR. If you are a restaurant and you have a cool neon sign on the wall - you can be damn sure I'm taking a picture of it.
  • Have we talked about how much I love Dumpling Monkey? It is so cheap and the food tastes so, so good. If you haven't checked it out then I insist you do immediately. Followed by a portion of soft shell crab from Ka Ka Lok. I'm starting to think that going to yoga classes in the west end might be counter productive to going to the actual yoga.
  • Sunday morning fry ups in our house are now a thing. As are fish & chip Friday's. Because food is life.

  • Sunday afternoon Caipirinha drinking with the gorgeous Felicity. I don't see that girl's face nearly enough and so thoroughly enjoyed our little afternoon together eating Greek food and discussing all the things.
  • New underwear treats while my lovely pal watched the girls to let me go shopping for an hour. Who says underwear and steak should only be purchased whilst in a relationship?
  • A recent smorgasbord of tapas style Cypriot dishes at the recently opened Halloumi in Glasgow.
  • And after an entire three months of sleeping in her own bed all night, this cheeky wee monkey snuck into my bed at silly o clock in the morning the other night. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it.

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