Monday, 7 November 2016


  1. My new t-shirt up there. Which I bought with the intention of wearing out running or to the gym & thought I would play it safe by ordering a medium. Turns out this medium is my idea of an extra large. So it's been keeping me extra cosy in bed instead.
  2. Inverawe Smoked Trout. I stopped at this smokery on my way home from Oban the other week and picked up a pack of their smoked trout, which I then used to make the most delicious omelette Arnold Bennett. Which I ate for dinner with a cold, crisp salad & some crusty bread. This is by far the nicest smoked fish I have sampled and I already have my order in for Christmas!
  3. Sleep.  I seem to be making up for the last five years recently! I've always been an early bird and the fact Ava rises between 7am & 8am most mornings has never really bothered me. Recently though she's been favouring lazy weekend mornings cuddled up in my bed watching the iPad (bad mama I know), and happily allowed me to snooze away till around 10am. It's. Been. Bliss.
  4. Slouchy Tees. On the subject of clothes, I picked up the softest, cosiest dark grey boyfriend tee the other day and it was so lovely to wear that I ended up going back and buying another half a dozen in different colours. I want to be that girl you see cutting about in heels & blazers at noon on a Sunday but I'm always that girl in the baggy t-shirt, ripped jeans and Converse and it's too late to change me now so whatever.
  5. The dark nights. I just love this time of year. I love leaving work in the dark, cosying up on the sofa with a glass of red and a new Netflix series and cooking up lots of comfort food in the kitchen. I would be lying if I said that this time of year didn't make me miss having a boyfriend a TINY little bit, but I'll talk to you more about that in the next blog post ;)
  6. Netflix. JUST when I'm about to pack it, it reels me back in. Ava goes nuts at me when I cancel Netflix which I have been doing kinda regularly recently as I just feel like I'm running out of things to watch. However I have been getting very into my Netflix documentaries of late and am super excited to start the third series of Black Mirror and new drama The Crown. So it has my custom for a little while longer. It's the time of year to watch all the telly so I want no judgement.
  7. Halloween. The kid and I love an excuse to put up decorations and eat too many sweeties and so had a thoroughly good Halloween this year. We carved our own pumpkins, ate far too much Halloween candy & went and checked out all the spooky goings on at Holmwood House, which was so much fun. Christmas next!
  8. The Cinema. Until recently, the only movies I ever bothered to see were U classified, but recently I've been making the effort to go to the flicks more without Ava and am actually really enjoying it! Definitely better for the liver (and wallet) than an afternoon drinking cocktails (which is what I usually do when Ava goes to her Dads).
  9. Cooking with Ava. As I let Ava stay up a little later at the weekends, these are the nights she has been getting herself in the kitchen with me and working on her culinary skills. She calls herself 'Chef Ava', always wears her apron (so cute), and last Friday we cooked up the nicest Sausage Filo Pastry Pie, which has been feeding us for about a week. 
  10. Minus 8 Vinegar. I don't even know where to start with this stuff. We were served this amazing vinegar with some crusty bread at a recent visit to the Taynuilt Hotel and it is by far the nicest I have ever tasted. On enquiry I discovered you could order it from Fortnum & Mason. So that's another Christmas order in. Along with all that smoked fish and my meat box from Donald Russell. I'll be bankrupt and chubby by January.

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