Monday, 13 March 2017


  1. Crossing the Rubicon. Who combine my two favourite things (craft beer & curry), in the tastiest ways possible. My favourite dishes? Their Butter Chicken is to DIE FOR, the pakora & pickles are a taste sensation & the Venison Madras complete & utter yum. I urge you to try it. In fact, I am heading back there this weekend for brunch with the lovely Sarah.
  2. Sundays. Oh how I love Sundays. Especially when they are filled with roast dinners, big long wind bracing walks, the weekly broadsheets, some sort of chocolatey pudding and then an early night with all the Sunday supplements spread out around you in bed.
  3. Hotel Breakfasts. Why do hotel breakfasts taste so much better than a home cooked fry up? Maybe it's just the excitement of being away. Or the excitement of not having to do your own dishes. The recent breakfast I had at The Isles of Glencoe was one of the nicest I have tasted in ages. And if you put banana bread out at breakfast time then you are always gonna make a fan out of me.
  4. Starbucks. But not just any Starbucks. The Starbucks on the A82 at Dumbarton. This is where all my best road trips begin. And popping in for an en route almond capp is fast becoming my favourite tradition.
  5. The Fall. Oh. My. Days. I only just got round to watching this creepy psychological BBC thriller. And I may have zapped through all three seasons in the space of about 4 days. If you haven't watched it then do it, even if for no other reason than to salivate over the lusciousness of Jamie Dornan.
  6. Interiors. I've never been hugely house proud or particularly bothered by my curtains before, but that was before I decided to buy! Now I am sofa buying, scandi chic pinning & picking out wall paints with an enthusiasm I've never had before! No one will be very surprised to hear that my new living room is going for a bit of a dark tartan theme!
  7. Weeknight Sunday Roasts. We love our roast dinners so much in this house that they have been making many an appearance during the week. In fact we even cooked a Sunday style full roast complete with homemade yorkies last Friday evening. Because to hell with convention.
  8. This amazing new Coldplay song. So I know many consider them rather blah, but I've always thought Chris Martin could do no wrong and I am loving their latest single. If it's a collaboration with The Chainsmokers does that make me down with the kids?
  9. Fas na Cloiche. Yesterday, I did this amazing walk with a good pal and it was so much fun! We discovered the cutest little hidden away Fairy Bridge next to a massive waterfall, an old abandoned bothy & a tree growing right out of the middle of a massive rock. Obviously I got tons of pictures and will be boring you with a full blog post very soon.
  10. Vegetarian food. I've been cooking up so many amazing veggie recipes for dinner recently and it's starting to seriously make me wonder whether I could go vegetarian full time. But then I remember I ate a sausage, 2 bits of bacon & some black pudding with that amazing hotel breakfast this morning so then think maybe not.


Rosie said...

I think the hotel breakfast thing is definitely beachwear you're not having to cook it / wash up afterwards. I feel the same about sandwiches - even the most basic cheese salad sandwich can taste divine if someone else has made it for you.

Anonymous said...

*beachwear??? I meant, because. Apologies.

Dawn Young said...

Agreed! xxx