Wednesday, 29 March 2017


  1. The Gin Festival. Someone heard a sneaky rumour that I liked gin and so I got an invite to the Glasgow Gin Festival held at The Briggait recently. I dragged my sister along to keep me company. And I say dragged in the loosest sense of the word. Let me tell you that wherever you are in the UK, look these guys up and 'drag' yourself to the next one. We were greeted with a very cool looking Gin Balloon (ours to keep) along with a guide to all the gins (there were a lot of gins) and the most perfect sized little carry bag for carrying all your gin paraphernalia. Let's talk about how utterly FUN this event was. The gins are split into 4 bars, each with a massive selection of your favourite tipple, their appropriate garnishes and all served with your favourite kind of Fevertree Tonic. A very successful gin drinking day was had by all and I was able to find a couple of new favourites including the Isle of Harris & Gin Mare. I was also able to confirm my previously very strong opinions that Tanqueray & Bombay Sapphire are bleurgh and only for people who pretend to like gin. In all seriousness though, this is a mega brilliant event for anyone who enjoys a gin beverage and I massively encourage you to get yourself along to one. You can find a list of all their upcoming events right here. 
  2. The M8. The long drive from Edinburgh to Glasgow isn't exactly one of my favourites. However a couple of weeks ago Ava and I strayed east side to stay with some friends and the journey home was actually pretty fun. That may have had something to do with us speeding along the motorway both getting stuck into a KFC boneless banquet and singing along to Swifty at the top of our lungs. But whatever makes us happy.
  3. Five Year Old Cuteness. I am not a dance mum. I will never be a dance mum. I cannot even watch those shows about dance mums without grimacing. But after three years, I'm slowly coming round to the idea that Ava is well & truly into this dance lark and her annual dance show last Sunday was all kinds of cute. Even if I did release a lot of stress and a lot of sweat belting between my seat in the auditorium and the changings rooms for every costume change.
  4. This Amazing Italian Sausage Recipe.  I rarely make the same thing twice in one week. And three times in two is unheard of. But that's exactly what I did with this amazing BBC recipe. Make it. You won't regret it. Also this was my first foray into Italian sausages. Why did nobody tell me?
  5. Getting organised. So Ava heads off to Disney World tomorrow and I won't see her for over two weeks. While I am absolutely gutted about this fact I am also majorly excited to start properly packing for our house move. And when I say packing what I actually mean is gutting her bedroom and getting rid of the all the broken toys and random crap she nevers lets me throw out. I can't wait to sort out the Shopkins, get rid of the felt tips that don't work and sift through all the clothes that don't fit anymore. She'll kill me when she gets back but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  6. The McMillan. I already know that the food here is bloody awesome because I've eaten in it enough times but their recent 4 Course Whisky Tasting Night surpassed all my expectations. I don't want to say too much because there is a full blog post coming soon but let me just say this: Gin - you've got competition.
  7. Rustico Glasgow. And speaking of amazing places in Glasgow you have to try because I said so and I don't know much but I know my food - if you are a cake kinda gal (or guy) then I massively recommend taking the (slightly out the way but worth it) trip to Rustico in Mount Vernon to try one of their amazing cakes or freak shakes. Thank me later.
  8. This mascara. Now I'm not normally one to mention make-up on this blog, because why spend money on make-up when you can spend it on food? But this mascara is bloody amazing and so deserves some kind of mention. Not only does it give you the lashes of Jessica Rabbit but it lasts FOREVER. Go see what I mean.
  9. All The Good Telly. I can't even apologise. I don't even care. I just bloody love good telly. I use having a kid as an excuse but truthfully I reckon even without her I would sack a night on the tiles for a good period drama and a slab of Green & Blacks any day of the week. Right now I am majorly into Game of Thrones (it took a while but I got there) and new Line of Duty. Which continues to be as brilliant as the very first series. HOW?
  10. Big Feed Glasgow. I went on a full stomach, with a chicken to roast that evening and the car. Big mistake. I will be back at the next one with a train ticket in my pocket and an empty belly and I will be indulging in all that amazing food and beer. Just see if I don't.