Sunday, 21 May 2017


  1. Gousto Food Boxes. I was sent one of these food boxes to try and I was pretty impressed. It's easy to order and came in pretty handy when I was quarantined in my flat recently with a bad virus and unable to go out. I went online, chose 2 different recipes and a couple of days later a box appeared at my door with every ingredient and step by step instructions on how to cook them. The Hoisin Meatballs with Sesame Rice was pretty delicious but my favourite by far was the above  Pork Bibimbap. I will most definitely be ordering again!
  2. Blairgowrie. I took off on a little road trip with my pal Flic recently and it was so much fun. We explored The Hermitage, ate some pretty delicious food at our hotel The Bridge of Cally, drank some wine (natch) and still managed to be asleep before midnight because we are getting old and of that fact I couldn't be happier.
  3. The Big Move. We've been in our new home for about 3 weeks now and we are loving our new digs. Progress is slow but steady but apart from the new blinds which are being fitted next week and some new dining chairs I have my eye on, the sitting room is all but done. Which means onto the next room and the massive mural that Ava has planned for her bedroom wall. Wish me luck with that.
  4. My girl gang. Speaking of the move, I have been a bit over-whelmed with the love we've received recently from all of our friends. The amazing offers of help with the move, the beautiful housewarming presents and the fact our little flat has been like Piccadilly Circus with all our lovely friends just coming and going. This is not a look how popular we are post. It's a we are feeling very grateful right now post.
  5. Brannigans Crisps. Oh sweet lord can someone please take these away from me because I basically cannot stop eating them. The roast beef and mustard are my ultimate favourite with the gammon & pickle coming in at a close second. Addicted.
  6. The Italian Kitchen.  This Merchant City restaurant has recently had a bit of a revamp and I was lucky enough to go along and try the new menu recently. It did not disappoint. I may even share a couple of yummy food photos with you soon on the blog so stay tuned!
  7. My New Hood. I am majorly in love with our new living area and have delighted in spending my Sundays exploring it properly. Some of the delights include Linn Park, The Derby Cafe, nearby Clarkston, The Old Snuff Mill Bridge and new locals The White Elephant & The Smiddy. It's a proper little community with some beautiful scenery given you are right in the heart of Glasgow and we have already spent a few post school Friday afternoons scootering around the park or grabbing a beer/ice-cream. 
  8. Cooking. I often go through spells in the kitchen but right now I am cooking my little heart out and if you've been following me on Instagram you've probably noticed it for yourself. The new kitchen is a good bit smaller than my old one which I'm not going to lie is driving me quietly insane but it feels great to be working my way through the massive pile of recipes I seem to have collated over the past couple of months. 
  9. The Rest & Be Thankful. I always seem to miss this road because my regular Scottish road trips usually take me along the A82 or A85 but a couple of weeks ago I took a Saturday out to explore the Rest & Be Thankful for a change with a trip up to Lochgoilhead. The views on this road are pretty stunning and I'm thinking another drive along the A83 may be imminent!
  10. Big Feed. This twice a month Glasgow food festival is fast becoming a regular haunt and I am delighting in working my way through all the amazing street vendors. The fact they got a last minute drinks license to allow them to set up a beer garden in the car park on one of the sunniest weekends of the year recently has only solidified these guys as my favourite food fest of all time. Can't wait till the next one.

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