Monday, 5 June 2017


  • Delicious Scotch Egg starter recently at Church on the Hill that was basically served with ketchup but they are forgiven because my god did it work.
  • Still a complete coffee fiend. With Gordon Street Glasgow Roast being my new favourite caffeine of choice.
  • Lazy Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons and eating pancakes in my bed. Which always ends with Nutella on the sheets and a very grumpy mama...
  • Since we discovered how easy it was to make our own Yorkshire Puddings recently we've never looked back. Sorry Aunty Bessie but this relationship is over.

  • Some seriously tasty mussels at Ingliston Country Club on a Friday night after a long week of work.
  • Discovering tasty new craft beers might be my new favourite thing. And this Eden Mill 19th Brew has definitely become a favourite.
  • Sunday papers, slabs of roast beef, homemade Yorkies (natch) and a big glass of Shiraz. Doing Sunday right.
  • A post oven pic of Jamie Oliver's Sweet Cherry Tomato & Sausage Bake. A recipe I had been dying to try for ages and recommend you do too.

  • The best part of being a nine to fiver? That Friday feeling. Especially when it is complimented by a bottle of Freixenet ICE and an endless supply of Friday night snacks.
  • Sweater weather might be a while off yet, but I am all kinds of in love with this new M&S jumper that makes me all American and track team and sorority.
  • New sunnies. I love aviators because they make me feel like a dude but hate that you can't sit them on the top of your head without them turning your hair into a tangled birds nest. You feel me girls?
  • A delicious cider and pork dish that went down rather well on a cosy Saturday night spent chomping on pre-dinner crisps and watching movies. 

  • Adventures at Glen Creran. This little bridge looked like something straight out of one of Ava's fairy tales books and even the harshest cynic would struggle not to try and spot some fairies while crossing it. I believe.
  • Dumplings at Mamafubu, the Merchant City's new sister restaurant to old favourite Dumpling Monkey. It was pretty tasty, but still not a patch on my old favourite haunt DM.
  • Enjoying a post-dinner nip of whisky in front of an open fire in my new preppy sweater. Total bliss.
  • Can't stop cooking ramen. This is literally my go to dish when I don't know what to make for dinner. The more chilli the better.

  • A soggy visit to Craigmillar Castle after visiting some friends through in Edinburgh. I swear that kid is gonna divorce me if I drag her to one more castle.
  • Lazy, leisurely veggie lunch enjoyed recently at The 78 in the sun. 
  • Indian inspired brekkie from Crossing the Rubicon. This was IMMENSE and I cannot wait to go back and try the Naan Pizza or the Besan Toast!
  • Doing a bit of experimenting with my weekly Friday night G&T. I served this one with fresh strawberries and lots of cracked black pepper and it was the best decision I made that week.

  • Some seriously amazing lamb served at The Bridge of Cally Hotel near Blairgowrie. There was enough meat on this plate to feed three men and I finished every last bite. Proud.
  • Discovering Ossian's Cave at The Hermitage walk near Dunkeld. 
  • Doing some beach wandering at Lunderston Bay recently after blowing away our hangovers with a walk to see Cloch Lighthouse in Inverclyde.
  • Recent Sunday roast cooked for pals. I am never happier than when I am surrounded by friends & food.


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Lynsey said...

Please share your Ramen recipe?