Monday, 28 August 2017


  1. The Scottish Drinks Festival. When a wee invite landed in my inbox last month to attend the very first Scottish Drinks Festival in Glasgow I was more than a little bit excited. Not that I enjoy a tipple or anything. The day turned out to be the best 2 hours of fun I have indulged in for ages! We sampled all the gin, some seriously good single malts and even some blue wine. Roll on the next one!
  2. Scotland. I know, I know. YAWN. But I will never get over how much I adore my homeland. Recent adventures include a few nights exploring Aviemore & Inverness and a night in a very cool B&B in Crieff. I also finally did my first Munro, visited an abandoned castle & finally got to paddle at The Devils Pulpit. I'm already Pinterest planning a whole host of brand new Scottish adventures.
  3. Monopoly. This old board game has seen quite the resurgence in my little old household of late. It's seriously lucky I am the least competitive person ever™. Shame the same can't be said for Ava...
  4. The Boyd Roderick. We're loving this new south side bar/bistro/restaurant and I can confirm that the Gravadlax Open Sandwich is to die for. The cakes also look pretty delicious and we can't wait to try one on our next visit.
  5. Roast Dinners. There is nothing I like more on a Sunday than slaving away in a hot kitchen with a glass of red in one hand and a joint of beef or a roasted chicken in the other, listening to a rabble of conversation from the living-room as I cook up a feast. Genuinely think I  might have been born middle aged.
  6. Shearer Candles.  We attended the launch of our favourite candle company's new store on Argyle Street and came away with a delicious pile of the sweetest smelling candles to take home. My little flat has never smelled so good!
  7. Outlander. I am not ashamed to admit I am working my way through this amazing telly series for the second time in preparation for the third season which is due for release very soon. Excited doesn't cover it.
  8. Fresh flowers. My MUST SAVE MONEY phase lasted approximately six weeks and I am back to adorning my living room with fresh flowers and getting my nails done with gusto. I tried an' all. But I am who I am.
  9. Doors Open Day. Ok so it's not happened yet, but doors open day is running throughout the  month of September and I cannot wait to visit all the castles!
  10. Planning my next Munro. I'm also excited to be planning my next Munro. I know - me climbing mountains. I'm as shocked as you are. 

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