Monday, 21 August 2017


  • Amazing eggs at Wilson Street Pantry in the Merchant City. Having been seated directly next to the kitchen I can confirm that this place must go through about 287637465 avocados a day.
  • Some slightly trippy stairwell photos taken after a couple of beers at The Lighthouse in the city centre.
  • The beautiful Rest & Be Thankful. I will never not adore my beautiful country.
  • A hot & spicy Bahn Mi from the wonderful Chompsky Food street food pop-up.

  • Health, health, health. Getting very into my Buddha Bowls of late and this concoction full of all the good stuff did not disappoint.
  • We've not had much of a summer but you can be damn sure that on the days we did we hot footed it to the nearest park and ingested as much Mr Whippy as our stomachs could handle.
  • Awesome little day exploring the Dollar Glen Walking Trail on a very wet Sunday
  • I have made these satay chicken noodles about four times since I first discovered the recipe. And that never happens.

  • Another night, another Asian inspired dish. This was Thai Cashew Coconut Rice with Ginger Peanut Sauce and you can find the recipe right here
  • Finally getting a chance to get the paddling pool out in the garden earlier this year. Accompanied by a very large Pimms. Of course.
  • Drinking gin in Bar Gandolfi. Not sure if I have been living under a rock or what but until recently I didn't even know this little bar was there.
  • Jewelled black rice & salmon salad. Another great little recipe I stole from my food bible, The Waitrose Magazine.

  • What is a Sunday without a roast? I slow cooked this ox cheek during a day spent adventuring and came home to all the wonderful smells throughout my little flat.
  • Face painting and good food at the Big Feed festival in Govan. I am becoming quite the little regular at this amazing pop up food event.
  • Roasted salmon on Indian spiced potatoes and spinach. I'm not a meat and two veg gal am I?
  • One of the three pitiful BBQ's we managed this year. I don't want to talk about the weather any more.

  • Loaded sweet potato fries courtesy of Freddy & Hicks. Guess where? (Big Feed)
  • Beautiful scenery at a day spent exploring Aberfoyle. Cannot believe I had never ventured up to this part of the country before!
  • That feeling when your avocado is perfectly ripe. Cannot beat it.
  • Checking out the nearby windmills with Christina at Whitelee Wind Farm. Definitely a Sunday well spent.

  • Drinking our gin out of teacups at Gin 71 bar. 
  • Some quiet contemplation with Ava at the very serene Loch Ard.
  • Amazing steak served in The Italian Kitchen. I will forever be that girl with the food envy.
  • Our favourite thing to do during mummy/daughter time. God that girl has some expensive habits. She didn't get them from me...

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