Monday, 25 September 2017


  1. Saturdays. Fast becoming my favourite day of the week, Ava and I have been using our Saturdays to spend lots of quality time together filled with food, fun and adventure. Recent highlights include a trip on a boat over to Loch Leven Castle and a spot of fairy hunting in Balfron.
  2. Big Feed. I've been attending this amazing food festival pretty much since it started and yesterday a few of us headed along for my 7th visit. I love this place because whether I go along with Ava on a Saturday or head there with friends on a Sunday, it's the perfect place to chill, play retro board games, drink good beer and taste lots of amazing food offerings. The highlights from yesterday were most definitely the pulled pork nachos from Firedog & the Chicken Makhani from Ginger & Chilli
  3. Running. I went for my first run yesterday in way too long a time but I knew had to do something to make up for all the food I was about to eat at Big Feed. I did a 6k around Linn Park and absolutely loved the buzz of being back pounding the streets. Not loving the fact that my body is currently in agony today though.
  4. Girls Day. After looking forward to a day off last Friday for the September weekend, I was gutted to find the weather was way too wet for castle hunting and so to Ava's delight we decided to have a girls day at Silverburn Shopping Centre instead. Highlights included getting our nails done, lunch at Wagamama's, a cinema trip and then spending all of mama's money in H&M kids.
  5. Reading. After way too long enjoying the intellectual and highbrow delights of various glossy magazines, I have my reading mojo back and am finally enjoying Caitlin Moran's How To Be A Woman. About 6000 years after everyone else read it.
  6. Magners at Malones. I had a great night the other week when I attended the launch of the brand new Magners Rooftop Terrace at Malone's bar in Glasgow city centre. The evening was balmy, the Magners was flowing and the BBQ food was out of this world. If you haven't checked this place out yet (the only Magners rooftop bar in Scotland), then I suggest you get down there quick!
  7. Babs. You know when there is somewhere on your list that you've been meaning to go to in ages yet you never get round to going to even though you keep hearing all the amazing things? I finally ventured into Babs recently for a kebab and it seriously did not disappoint. I'm looking forward to going back and trying basically every single thing on the whole damn menu.
  8. Lush. The weather is turning people and that can only mean one thing. Facemasks, Shearers Candles & leisurely evening Lush baths. I am stocking up on bath bombs like you wouldn't believe in time for winter.
  9. Netflix. After falling out of love with Netflix recently, we decided to mutually go our separate ways a few months ago. However it turned out that a break was all the two of us needed because we are back together with gusto and I am getting seriously into Ozark and The Keepers. Yes, I know I need to get out more. And stop referring to my television subscription like it's my boyfriend.
  10. Cinema dates. Have I mentioned that I love horror movies but I am the biggest scaredy cat in the world? Tricky huh? Recently I went along to the cinema with my pal Sarah to watch IT. Genuinely don't know what was more entertaining. The film or watching her face during the scary bits.

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